Wellesley Alumnae Exchange Valentine’s Day Greetings

February 14, 2019

Before Valentine’s Day last year, Molly Dorfman ’02 came up with an idea: She would ask members of her class to send handwritten notes to Wellesley alumnae from the class of ’42.

“I thought that Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to connect with them,” said Dorfman, who lives in Fresno, Calif. At her 15th Wellesley reunion, in 2017, Dorfman met members of the class of ’42 who were there to celebrate their 75th. “It was touching to meet Wellesley graduates from a previous generation, and this felt like a good way to let them know we are thinking about them,” said Dorfman. “The point is to convey warmth and Wellesley community.”

With help from the Wellesley College Alumnae Association, Dorfman obtained names and addresses of 1942 alumnae. Using social media, she recruited 12 classmates who volunteered to write and send Valentines. Together, they mailed out 43 handwritten letters last year.    

This Valentine’s Day , that effort has expanded—18 Wellesley alums wrote 88 letters to alumnae from the classes of 1933 to 1941.

Erica Bever ’02, of Arlington, Mass., sent out four letters this year. “It’s a chance to reach out to older Wellesley classes,” she said.  “Like our reunion, this reinforces our connection.”