June 29 is National Handshake Day

a handshake
June 29, 2017

On National Handshake Day, celebrated the last Thursday of June, we are encouraged to shake the hand of at least one person that we might not have on any other day. While it’s the kind of holiday that might be considered frivolous, the handshake is still one of the most memorable ways for two people to connect.

Handshakes convey trust, confidence, and camaraderie, said Christine Cruzvergara, associate provost and executive director of Wellesley’s Office of Career Education. The gesture is a first chance to make a lasting impression, whether you're in a business or a social setting.

“A firm handshake with a good grip tells the person you’re meeting that you are assured and confident,” she said. “It’s a nonverbal way to communicate, and it tells a person how you feel about yourself. That’s true for both men and women.”