Intermediate Russian

RUSS 201 & RUSS 202  •  Alla Epsteyn

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Screen capture featuring two students in an original course video

I am using EdX Edge platform to revamp my current Intermediate Russian course into a new Blended Learning course. EdX Edge platform allows me not only to organize various course materials in one space but also to put all grammar homework online. I created a series of self-correcting grammar exercises for Intermediate Russian course. These exercises allow students to practice case declensions, verb conjugation, and vocabulary. In 2015-16, I taught Intermediate Russian 201 and Intermediate Russian 202 without textbook and with an online homework grammar component.

The initial student feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The online homework has a number of advantages for the students: now they do their daily grammar homework faster; they can make a few attempts as they deal with various grammar assignments; they get immediate feedback and if the answer is incorrect they themselves need to figure out what is the correct answer, they can practice multiple times before the quiz, they get familiar with the Russian keyboard which is essential in today’s communication.

I am also creating new content for this online course. I created a series of short films, shot on campus, with the participation of Wellesley College Russian-speaking students. Each film is focused on grammatical, lexical and cultural theme of a particular unit of Intermediate Russian course. Now, in fall 2016, I am using these films in Russian 201 course for listening practice, aural comprehension and cultural discussions. Students use these films as a starting point as they write, act out and video record their own role-play skits.

Here is a link to Episode 1 of the film series.

Video camera iconWatch a brief video overview of this project: