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Photo of a hand holding five small pieces of metal and a roll of thread

Creative Media Manipulation

Nicholas Knouf

Students in this course learn how to be active producers, rather than passive consumers, of digital artifacts.

3D rendering of ancient ruins

Who Owns the Past?

Erich Matthes

This interdisciplinary course focuses on moral and political issues surrounding the digitization of cultural heritage.

Four students looking out at a foggy view over water and green hills

Digital Storytelling in Iceland

Justin Armstrong

Students employed digital technologies to ask and answer anthropological questions about tourism and the role of the environment in the development of unique cultural adaptations.

Grave Cricle A at Mycenae

Bronze Age Greece

Bryan Burns

Students in this archeology course consider artifacts in their cultural context while exploring digital mapping and creating online showcases.Video camera icon

Piranesi in Rome

Piranesi in Rome

Kimberly Cassibry & Liza Oliver

Students in these two courses collaborated to create a website centered on the Davis Museum exhibition "Reframing the Past: Piranesi’s Vedute di Roma."

Intensive Beginning Italian

Intensive Beginning Italian

Daniela Bartalesi-Graf

A rich and rigorous online program functions as a complete textbook to enhance face-to-face classes.Video camera icon

Image of a Women in Power under the Ancien Régime

Women in Power under the Ancien Régime

Hélène Bilis

Students created the Scalar exhibit “Between Hairstyle and History: Understanding the Engravings in Marie-Antoinette’s Almanac, Le Trésor des Graces.”

Student standing with her arms spread in a T

Intermediate Russian

Alla Epsteyn

Wellesley-produced movies offer listening practice as well as inspiration for discussions and projects, and students receive immediate feedback from regular online grammar exercises.Video camera icon

Japanese Mountain


Yoshimi Maeno & Eiko Torii

Students practice listening with original, culturally relevant videos filmed in Japan and then create their own videos based on that authentic content.Video camera icon

Cartoon of Korean Students and thier teacher

Beginning Korean

Seok Bae Jang & Sun-Hee Lee

In this course, students use original online resources including video and audio recordings and dynamic practice materials.Video camera icon

Video clip overlapping text

Philosophy of Art

Erich Matthes

Students annotate course readings with images, audio, video, and text in Annotation Studio. This provides context for complex articles and and supports further intellectual exploration.

Long road in the middle of greenery

Documentary Intersections / Interventions

Wini Wood

Students learn about documentary film through a collaborative process of recording, editing, and producing original films.

Student standing in front of WCTV's background


Wini Wood

Students create interview-style "vlogs" that both support their learning and demonstrate their understanding of course materials.Video camera icon

Digital tools and media

Digital Storytelling as Cultural Anthropology

Justin Armstrong

This class encouraged students to develop hands-on skills with various digital tools and media while exploring the intersection of digital technologies, storytelling, and cultural analysis.Video camera icon

Lone man walking in the desert

Living in the Age of the Anti-Hero

Octavio González & Eni Mustafaraj

Through assignments, blog posts, and digital skills "mini-lessons," students learn to create their own digital presence and engage with the Web's limitless possibilities for creative self-expression.

Webpage about exemplary student video essays

Welcome to the Video Essay

Maurizio Viano

Students trained with video editing software and completed a series of audio-visual assignments including academic video essays.

A computer, phone, and tablet sit on a wooden desk

The Selfie in American Life

Heather Bryant

This evaluation project compared two class sections, with students in one section writing assignments by hand and students in the other section completing assignments online.

Cartoon of a video game controller and the words "Game worlds" written above

Introduction to Moral Philosophy

Julie Walsh

Students worked together to create original video games that explored how moral theory can be applied to difficult contemporary questions.

Black and White painting of a horse running

Art or Propaganda?

Erin Royston Battat

Students showcase their research on works from the Wellesley College Davis Museum by building digital humanities projects in Omeka.

Student on her phone

Popular Culture and Religion

Erinn Staley

Students in this course made videos about artifacts from popular culture, using tools from religious studies to explore why the artifacts matter.Video camera icon

Cover of Cultural Memory on the Global Stage

Migration, Heritage, Identity

Evelina Gužauskytė

In this Spanish course, students created annotated digital maps that explored the intellectual exchanges between writers, poets, and filmmakers in Latin America and Europe.Video camera icon

Applied Data Analysis

Applied Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

Cassandra Pattanayak

Students watched recorded lectures online, freeing up class time for new modules that explored how statistical ideas and concepts can apply to examples from literature and history.Video camera icon

World Literature Cover Page

World Literature

Lesley Curtis

This class had students engage with social media throughout the semester. They also produced a multifaceted online literary magazine titled Lit Well.Video camera icon

Annotated Google Documents Page

Class Matters in American Literature and Culture

Anne Brubaker

Students use Google Docs to annotate class readings and exchange ideas with their classmates.Video camera icon

South America and Mexico

The Making of Latin American Culture

Inela Selimović

Students created blogs and video interviews outside of class. At the end of the semester, in-class filmed presentations encouraged rich and precise individual inquiry.Video camera icon

online chinese course

Advanced Chinese

Yuan-Chu (Ruby) Lam

Students in this course used online quizzes and flashcards in Sakai to augment their learning outside of class time.Video camera icon