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Summer Term 2024

Summer Term will continue to be taught remotely.  Undergraduate Summer Term 2024 will consist of a single session which includes 6 weeks of class meetings followed by a reading period and 2 days of examinations.


Summer Term 2024: Monday, May 20 - Tuesday, July 16, 2024

  • Classes will begin on Monday, May 20, after Commencement (Friday, May 17, 2024).  

  • Registration for Summer Term 2024 is limited to Wellesley College students; we will not be enrolling high school students, visiting undergraduate students, or auditors this summer.

  • Most classes will be taught remotely, using synchronous (live, in real-time) instruction.  Remote courses require regularly scheduled attendance in synchronous class time via Zoom. Students are expected to be available and present on Zoom during scheduled class times. Students are required to have access to Zoom with video capabilities for class; audio-only Zoom will not be considered sufficient.

  • Faculty will be responsible for coordinating their synchronous and asynchronous elements; we are also asking faculty to review their remote attendance and participation expectations with students at the first class meeting.  

  • There are three holidays during Summer Term 2024:

    • Monday, 5/27/2024: Memorial Day

    • Wednesday, 6/19/2024: Juneteenth

    • Thursday, 7/4/2024: Independence Day (during reading period)

  • There will be a reading period (two weekdays and a weekend) after classes have concluded and prior to exams being administered.  Final exams will be administered Monday, July 8, and Tuesday, July 9.

  • Summer Term 2024 course offerings will be posted in the Wellesley College Course Browser

  • Courses must have a minimum of 6 students enrolled by Monday, April 29 in order to run this summer.  Courses that do not meet the minimum will be cancelled on Monday, April 29.


Wellesley College is offering an outstanding Summer Term program of classes (for the most part taught by our regular faculty) at the pricing set forth below. This pricing is part of the overall academic program offered to students in 2023-2024, and is only available to current Wellesley College students. Visiting students, pre-college students and incoming first-year students are not eligible for Summer Term 2024. Financial aid is available to eligible students. 

  • 1.0 Credit: $4100
  • 1.25 Credit: $5125

*See "Room and Meals" cost below.


Classes will be offered on a letter-graded basis; students will have the option to choose credit/non-credit. The Credit/Non-credit deadline will be available through the Academic Calendar.


Registration for Summer Term 2024 will open on Wednesday, February 21, at 8:00 am.

Wellesley College students will be able to self-register for summer term classes through their Workday Portal. We recommend registering early as we anticipate classes filling. Students should double-check the class schedules and meeting dates prior to registering. If you have a hold on your account, please contact SFS prior to registering. Please see the Course Offerings page for more details. 

*Summer Term 2024 is open only to Wellesley College Students.

Changing registration, accepting waitlist offers, academic deadlines

Students manage their registration and schedule changes themselves (including accepting a waitlist seat, dropping or withdrawing from a course) through Workday. Academic deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar


Each class will maintain a first-come, first-serve waitlist. After the class fills, a student is automatically added to the waitlist when they attempt to register through Workday. If a seat becomes available, the student next in line in the waitlist is notified by email. The seat offer expires in 24 hours. If a student does not respond before the 24-hour expiration their priority will drop to the bottom of the waitlist and the seat offer is automatically offered to the next person on the waitlist.

Students may take only two courses in Summer 2024.

Students enrolled in summer term may enroll in no more than 2 courses and 2.25 units of credit. Exceptions to this policy are made by student petition to the Academic Review Board.

Financial Aid (Wellesley students only)

Federal financial aid is available for students who meet federal eligibility requirements, and institutional financial aid is available to students who qualify for need-based financial aid during the academic year. Wellesley students who receive financial aid during the academic year will be assessed for summer aid automatically upon registration (there is no formal application to complete). Financial aid is not available for Wellesley College students who were not enrolled in 2023-2024. There is no separate application process for summer aid, but students are expected to comply with any individual requests made by SFS.

Once you register, your eligibility will be determined and you will receive an updated eligibility notification via email. SFS will will release notices of aid eligibility (or revised eligibility) on a weekly basis during the spring. We will provide a more specific date once it becomes available 

Please note that financial aid is not available for costs associated with summer housing and meals. Additionally, financial aid eligibility is subject to change if registration changes.

Billing and Payment
  • Wellesley College records billing and payment activity on the student account in MyWellesley Portal.

  • Billing assessment begins in April. All class and billing communications will be sent through the student's email address.

  • Payment Deadline: Monday, May 13, 2024. Students who register after this date must remit payment immediately. Students may be dropped from their registered courses if payment is not received before classes begin. 

  • If a student is assessed a registration hold for Fall 2024 (due to an outstanding past due balance), students may be dropped from their summer courses and placed on a financial leave of absence until the balance is resolved. 

Refund Policy

Students should double-check the class schedules and meeting dates prior to registering. Students can drop themselves from a class through Workday. 


Refund policy (SUMMER 2024): 

  • Students who drop from a course before the start of classes (by 11:59 pm EDT on Sunday, May 19) will receive a 100% refund of tuition and related fees. 
  • Once the term begins (Monday, May 20), students who drop a course will NOT receive a refund. 


Who Can Attend?

Students who are eligible to enroll in summer courses:

  • Wellesley College students enrolled in a spring semester (either on campus or in approved international or domestic study away programs) are eligible to enroll in summer courses in the same calendar year. 
  • Wellesley College students on a one-semester personal leave, academic conditional leave or financial conditional leave in spring (and were enrolled in and completed the fall semester) and who are approved to return and are registered for the fall semester are eligible to enroll in summer courses in the same calendar year.
  • Wellesley College students on a full-year academic conditional leave may enroll with the permission of the class dean (especially to fulfill the academic conditions of the leave and complete eligibility requirements to return from the leave). Note that students who were not enrolled during the previous academic year are not eligible to request or receive financial aid. 


Students who are not eligible to enroll in summer courses:

  • Wellesley College students on medical leave in spring are not eligible to enroll in summer (in accordance with the leave of absence policy).
  • Entering students who will begin at Wellesley in the Fall semester (including First Year, transfer and Davis Scholar students) and students who are approved for readmission in fall are not eligible to enroll in summer courses.
  • Students on leave of absence for the full academic year (both the fall and spring semesters) are not eligible to enroll in courses in the following summer semester, except as described above.
  • Summer 2024 courses are not open to visiting students, auditors and alumnae.



Former Students With Permission to Complete Outstanding Degree Requirements:

Students no longer enrolled who have permission to complete outstanding degree requirements are eligible to enroll in summer courses for the purpose of completing unmet degree requirements.

Accessibility and Disability Services

Students can request accommodations due to a disability. Students will need to have a Wellesley College ID to access the system. There are also additional instructions on how to request accommodations. Inquiries can be sent to

Room and Meals

Information about summer housing is available on the Summer Housing website. ​​

Students approved to live on campus for Summer 2024 will be billed $1,500 for housing and $2,050 for meals. For Summer 2024, the College will help defray the housing costs through the application of a $1,500 waiver for housing and, in collaboration with sponsoring programs, a $1,025 waiver for meals. Student Financial Services (SFS) will post these waivers to each student’s Workday account. Students will be responsible for the remaining half of the meal plan ($1,025). Housing and meals will not be prorated for students who arrive after May 20th or leave before July 26th. 

Please be aware that registration for remote classes does not qualify students for summer housing. If you have questions about housing, please direct them to Residential Life (; the Summer Term office does not handle any requests regarding summer housing.


Student Acknowledgment of Responsibility

All students will be required to acknowledge the deadlines, cost of tuition, relevant fees and refund policy prior to registering.  Students who did not sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) for Spring 2024 will be required to sign one before registering for summer courses.  Please contact SFS directly with any questions about the FRA. 

Course Offerings

Summer Term 2024: Monday, May 22 - Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Registration will open on Wednesday, February 21, at 8:00 am.

Most Summer 2024 courses are offered as remote-only courses.  

Courses for Summer 2024 are visible below with details and meeting times.  Students are expected to be available and present for all scheduled class meeting times.

Please note it may take a few seconds for the complete course list to load.  All courses subject to change.

Travel Courses

We will not be offering any travel courses for Summer 2024.


Questions about registration and summer course waitlists: contact the Registrar's Office (

Questions about advising / course recommendations should be directed to your Class Dean.


General questions about summer term can be directed to Jean Bae (