Your Advising & Mentoring Team

Your Advising & Mentoring Team

Over the summer on MyWellesley, you will learn the names of your College Advisor and your Orientation Mentor (or other peer mentor, for our transfer students and Davis Scholars). These are among the key people who will help start to build your advising team over your four years at Wellesley.

When you will meet your College Advisor and your Orientation Mentor

Meet your College Advisor:
You will meet your College Advisor either during orientation or during the first week of class, depending on when faculty members return for the school year. Regular meetings with both your College Advisor and Orientation Mentor will help you make strong initial connections to other students and to the faculty, and these are the cornerstones of a successful transition to college.

Meet your Mentor:

  • First-year students and transfer students will meet their Orientation Mentors on the first day of Orientation.
  • Students participating in the WellesleyPlus program: Watch your Wellesley email for information about where you will meet your mentors, but it will be over dinner on the first day of Orientation.
  • Davis Scholars will meet their mentors when they arrive for Orientation. Look for an email from Dean Lewis with details. 

Your Advising/Mentoring Team

Your advising/mentoring team will grow over time to include other helpful people on campus. You will meet some of these people in the first weeks of the year:

  • Your Orientation Mentor (OM)
  • Your floor’s Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Your residence hall’s Community Director (CD)
  • Your residence hall’s House President (HP)
  • Your residence hall’s Academic Success Coach (ASC)
  • For student-athletes, your residence hall's Athlete Mentor (AMP)
  • Your First-Year Dean, Shannon Butler-Mokoro

These people are in place and ready to help you as you arrive. It’s up to you to seek them out, let them get to know you, and ask them for their assistance as you get started at Wellesley. Don’t be shy! And don’t be concerned if you “click” more with some people than others. That’s natural, and that’s why we have a network of support for you, rather than relying on just one person for each student.

Additional advisors/mentors

Additional people will become very important to helping you at Wellesley, and it will be you who choose these people and build mutually satisfying and beneficial relationships with them. Your instructors will certainly be some of these people, and eventually you may want to ask one of them to be your formal advisor. In most cases, that will wait until the time you choose a major; however, if you want to make a switch in your formal Faculty Advisor earlier, just let the First-Year Dean’s office know.

In addition to the faculty, others who may come to play key roles in your time at Wellesley may be some of our Assistant Deans of Intercultural Education, the Class Deans who work with upper-class students, members of our health and counseling services, members of our Religious and Spiritual Life group, and your College Career Mentor from Career Education. Look out for opportunities to interact with these offices as the year goes on.

Finally, some of the most important people you will meet will be the other members of your class, along with all the other students on campus. The friendships you make here, and the experiences you share with other students inside and outside the classrooms, will be the true foundations of your lives after college. Collaborating with the people in these groups with whom you most deeply connect is the best strategy for success at college and beyond.