Udall Scholarship (sophomores & juniors)

Campus Deadline: ​11:30 pm on February 20, 2024

The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to college sophomores and juniors for public service, leadership, and commitment related to the environment and also especially for Native American and Alaska Native students interested in issues impacting Indian country, including healthcare. The Udall scholarships honor the legacies of Morris Udall and Stewart Udall, whose careers had a significant impact on American- Indian self-governance, health care, and the stewardship of public lands and natural resources

Did you know? Idalmis Vaquero ‘16 won the Udall and Kelsey Dunn '21 did, too! Will you be Wellesley’s next Udall Scholar?

Wondering whether the Udall is right for you? Check out stories from 20 years of the Udall Foundation.

Not able to make it to info sessions?  No problem!  You can watch our November Udall Scholarship Workshop online.  Also, check out events from the Udall Foundation on their website!


Who is eligible?

  • Colleges sophomores and juniors pursuing a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree at an accredited higher-education institution in the U.S.;
  • U.S. citizens, nationals, and permanent residents;
  • Students working toward positive solutions to environmental challenges or issues impacting Indian country;
  • Those who have demonstrated commitment to one of these areas through public service; and
  • Students planning to pursue a career related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native health care - only applicants in the categories of tribal policy or Native health care should normally be enrolled in a state or federally recognized tribe or band, but see official faqs for details of eligibility - and/or talk to Kate in the Fellowships office.

What makes a strong applicant for this fellowship?

  • The ability to inspire and motivate others to take action;
  • Commitment to making a difference through civility and consensus building;
  • Leadership, integrity, and dedication to public service;
  • Strong academic achievements; and
  • An understanding of the Udall legacy, demonstrated through the application essay.

Native American applicants should also know about the Congressional Internships offered to Native American undergraduates, graduate and law students: www.udall.gov/OurPrograms/Internship/Internship.aspx. While you should apply directly for this internship by the national deadline at the end of January each year, Kate Dailinger would be very glad to talk with any Wellesley student or alumna about it.


How do I apply?

All Wellesley College candidates for the Udall Undergraduate Scholarship must first apply through Wellesley College. Interested students are warmly encouraged to book a Fellowships advising appointment, and/or to drop in without an appointment to Fellowships Pop-Up Advising (details via Career Education events listings in Handshake).

How can I learn more?
Browse the helpful official Udall website, and sign up for one of the official webinars, which offer tips on putting together a strong application, tackling essays in manageable fashion, and much more: pick a topic and a date at http://www.udall.gov/OurPrograms/Scholarship/Apply.aspx.


Application checklist

Application checklist

Three letters of reference: Note that it is helpful if at least one of your letters of reference can come from someone outside Wellesley, who can speak to your service, work, research, or other involvement in your home community or elsewhere. Not sure whom to ask?  Kate Dailinger in the Fellowships office is glad to help: drop by Fellowships Pop-Up Advising (no appointment required - see our Events listings for details), book a Fellowships advising appointment (even via phone or video chat during Wintersession), or email fellowships@wellesley.edu with questions.

  • Please give your recommenders this link to allow them to submit their letters; should they have any difficulty with the online form, please ask them to email their letters to fellowships@wellesley.edu. [Letters need not be in by the campus deadline, although it's helpful if they can be; and nominees' letters must be in before the national deadline.]

Please submit application materials via the Google form here:

☐ Copy of completed Udall application, including several short essays and the longer Udall essay (see the sample application here; Wellesley students who would like access to the online Udall application system should please write to fellowships@wellesley.edu to request it)
☐ All college-level unofficial transcripts (the version of your Wellesley transcript that you can access online works just fine; please also submit at least unofficial copies of any other applicable college transcripts, e.g. from a transfer institution or study abroad)
☐  Resume or cv (not required by the Udall Scholarship, but helpful to the campus committee)
☐  Wellesley Fellowships office signature document (please print, sign & date this form, then submit a scanned pdf or other image of the signed document along with your application materials)
☐ Applicants who are US permanent residents must provide verification (a copy of the green card) and a letter of intent to declare US citizenship.  
☐ Applicants in the categories of tribal policy or Native health care (only) should also provide officially requested documentation as appropriate (see  official faqs, under “Eligibility” - and Kate in the Fellowships office is glad to help with any questions or difficulties)

Application timeline

To complement “important dates” on the official website.

Early October
Udall Undergraduate Scholarship application opens.

Wellesley's optional priority draft deadline: October 30, 2023: submit drafts, however rough or polished, by this deadline via the form here: you'll be guaranteed an appointment for feedback before the campus deadline and have a stronger application with less stress!

Campus application deadline: 11:30 pm on​ February 20, 2024

  • Before the deadline, submit application materials  via the Google form here.  
  • Please request your recommenders to submit copies of their letters via this link; should they have any difficulty with the online form, please ask them to email their letters to fellowships@wellesley.edu. .

Mid-late February
The campus nomination committee reviews applications and typically interviews applicants before selecting which applications to nominate to go forward to the national competition.

Early March
Nominees submit final versions of their materials in advance of the national application deadline, with the benefit of help and advice from the campus committee.

The Udall Foundation will e-mail notifications to applicants.

Early May
Udall scholars announced on www.udall.gov.

Early August
Udall Scholar Orientation in Tucson, Arizona


Email fellowships@wellesley.edu or call Caitlin Roberts-Donovan at 781.283.2347.