Wellesley Funded Internships

Decordova student interns
Image courtesy of Meredith Fluke, Ph.D, Kemper Curator of Academic Programs, Davis Museum


Wellesley-funded Internships

Wellesley Career Education collaborates with employers and various academic departments across the College to offer internship placements and funding for Wellesley students. It is our hope that all Wellesley students will have access to at least one college-sponsored internship before graduating. 

All opportunities are organized below by the application deadline. Apply for all opportunities in Workday during one of two campus-wide application cycles as instructed below.

Internships with Fall Deadlines

Applications open in Workday
October 1– November 1, 2023 (5 pm EST)

*Click HERE for a summary sheet of the FALL opportunities listed below.


10a Labs — Employer-funded internship

BitSight — Employer-funded internship

Brookhaven National Laboratory — Employer-funded internship

Career Education Signature Internships Programover 3 dozen internship placements across four program areas: Sama Mundlay ’20 American Cities Internships | Biomedical Research and Health Internships | Global Citizenship Internships | Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service-Learning Internships

Chemistry Department - KNUST Internship Program

Elisabeth Luce Moore ’24 Internships in Asia

German Studies Department Internships in Dresden

Wellesley in Washington Summer Internship Program

Spannocchia Farm Internships in Tuscany — Apply directly through Spannochia by Feb. 2. Any students selected will receive Wellesley funding.


Internships with Spring Deadlines

Applications open in Workday
February 1 – March 1, 2024 (5 pm EST). 

A limited number of sites will remain open until a later date in March.  Please see the table below for details.

*Click HERE for a summary sheet of the SPRING opportunities listed below.

*Click HERE for a list of documents required for each application.



Albright Managed Internships—Anchor Point Fellowships in Global Leadership | Clinton Health Access Initiative | Lobkowicz Collections | MacFarquhar '59 for International Journalism | Uni-CV Engineering Technical Internship March 20th Deadline | Uni-CV Social Sciences Internship March 20th Deadline

Art Department—Grace Slack McNeil Student Internships (New England Arts & Architecture Program) March 15th Deadline

Art Department—Slade Summer FellowshipsMarch 15th Deadline

Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT — Employer-funded internship

Career Education Grants Program — The largest program at the College, funds about 60 students each year

Career Education Signature Internships Program — Select sites open during Spring Cycle

Chicago Public Schools Information Technology Services Summer Associate Program — Employer-funded internship

Davis Museum

Education Department—Diane Silvers Ravitch ‘60 Public Education Summer Internship

English Department/Writing Program Internships 

Freestone Grove Summer Internship Employer-funded internship

Glenstone Museum Summer Internships — Employer-funded internship

GVD Corporation— Science Intern | Business/Marketing Intern Employer-funded internship

Italian Department Internships Select internships have a March 15th deadline

Jewish Studies Department—Summer Internship Grants March 15th Deadline | Digital Heritage Mapping Internship 

Mellon Humanities Internships—Enterprise Community Partners | Esplanade Association | Seven Days | Charlesbridge | Goodwin Simon Strategic Research | Murray Bookchin Archive All have a March 15th Deadline

Neuroscience Department—Buegeleisen Family MS Undergraduate Research | Wellesley-CHOP Clinical Research Scholarship in Child Neurology

Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative— Paulson Initiative Off-campus Internships

Peace and Justice Scholarship Program

Psychology Department Summer InternshipsInternship canceled for summer 2024

Religion Department Research and Internships The deadline for the Severinghaus Summer Internship Program has been extended to March 15, 2024 at 5 pm EST. Only applications for the Severinghaus Award will be accepted for this new deadline​.

The Rockefeller University- RockEDU-Wellesley Emerging Fellows Employer-funded internship

Spanish Department Internships 

Wellesley College Botanic Gardens



How to Apply

Apply to all Wellesley-funded internship opportunities in Workday. Log into the “My Wellesley” portal HERE and select “Workday” and “Find a Summer Internship.” Use THESE Workday application instructions to guide you. Please note that applications will only be visible in Workday during the two application cycles (Fall Cycle: Oct 1 - Nov 1 and Spring Cycle: Feb 1 - March 1).

While required application materials vary for each opportunity per this list, all application materials must be submitted as a PDF and named according to this format: YourName_DocumentType (e.g., TrinHan_CoverLetter; SallyBaez_Resume).

*Please note that some departments offer more than one opportunity (e.g., Davis Museum, English, Italian, Jewish Studies, Peace & Justice). You can apply for multiple opportunities—within and across departments—at the same time. However, you may be asked to submit separate distinct applications in Workday (e.g., Signature Internships) or multiple cover letters, essays, or Statements of Intent (e.g., English, Peace and Justice, Italian, Davis Museum).

Eligibility & Funding

Eligibility, program structure/award amounts, and application requirements vary by opportunity, so please review the application information for each distinct opportunity carefully.

  • Most opportunities require students to work a minimum 300 hours over 8-10 weeks unless otherwise stated. 
  • Most opportunities offer at least $5,000 unless housing is provided.
  • All eligible students must be enrolled at the College in Spring 2024 or in a study abroad program (one semester or full-year). Students on leave for the spring semester are ineligible. 
  • International students are eligible for all opportunities. If they are selected for off-campus opportunities in the U.S., then they must apply for work authorization through Slater.
  • If awarded multiple College-funded summer internships, you will need to select only one opportunity.

Internship Commitment

For most Wellesley-funded internship opportunities—except Art's Slade and Wellesley Centers for Women—the participating intern must:

  • Work a minimum of 8 weeks/300 hours in the summer.
  • Complete all the Career Education Summer Internship Pathway exercises by the Career Education deadlines (e.g., Pre-internship Paperwork, Goal Setting, Surveys, Reflections, advisor meetings) along with any department/program specific requirements. See FAQs for more information about the Summer Pathway. 
  • Agree to make the Wellesley-funded internship their only job responsibility during the designated internship weeks. Students are not permitted to accept any other full-time or part-time positions or enroll in any summer courses (virtual or otherwise) that would coincide with internship program dates. (Some exceptions may apply; Students should discuss specifics with the Internships Team at internships@wellesley.edu.) 

Summer Internship Credit & Pathway

If selected for one of these College-funded opportunities, you will also be eligible to receive non-academic internship credit on your transcript. You must also complete Hive Pathway exercises throughout the summer (e.g., Goal setting, Pre-internship Paperwork, Reflections). Students awarded internships/grants through the College will receive Summer Pathway information from Career Education in May.

Application Preliminary Reviews

Looking for application feedback? Sign up for a 30-minute Preliminary Application Review with a Career Ed staff Member. Spring application reviews can be scheduled on one of the days offered (Feb. 20-23, 26). Sign up in Handshake. (Select “Application Preliminary Review” under the “Wellesley-Sponsored Internships and Grants” category once you sign in).



Mailing List

For email reminders and application tips throughout the College's Fall/Spring internship application cycles, please sign up for our Internships Mailing List 



Join these interactive workshops to strengthen your resume content (or start your resume from scratch!).  

Tues., Feb. 20 @ 2 pm, Science Center L220 Register HERE in Handshake


Cover Letter Basics Workshops

Whether you've never written a cover letter before, or you have some but would like to strengthen them, this workshop will help you get tips on how to write a strong and persuasive cover letter! 

Thurs., Feb. 15 @ 5 pm, Lulu 415 Register HERE in Handshake

Thurs., Feb. 22 @ 8 pm, Lulu 415 Register HERE in Handshake


Application Work Parties 

Revise your resume, cover letter, and short-answer questions with your Wellesley sibs and advisors to help! No question is too small, no draft too rough—bring them all!




Calendar & Deadlines

Fall 2023


  • 1-8: Summer 2023 Internship Debriefs with Advisors (sign up in Handshake for 1-1 or group sessions)
  • 25: Fall Internship Application Information Session at Harambee House (7:00-8:00 pm). Register HERE in Handshake.
  • 28: Fall Internship Application Information Session at Acorns House (5:30-6:30 pm). Register HERE in Handshake.




  • 1: Notification of Signature Internships application results 

Spring 2024


  • 29:  Spring cycle Internships application info session in PNE-239 at 1:00 pm. Register HERE in Handshake.
  • 31: Signature Internships nominees notified of intern selections
  • 31: Spring cycle Internships application info session at Harambee House at time 5:00 pm. Register HERE in Handshake.





  • 1: Notification of Career Ed Grants Program application results
  • 1: Summer Internship Credit application open


  • 1: Final deadline for Grants Program awardees to confirm their internship opportunities with Career Ed. Students who submit the required documents by this date will receive their stipends in early June.


  • 15: Summer Internship Credit application closes