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Complex problems. Big questions. Investigation and inquiry. In-depth research. Long-term solutions. Innovation and creativity.

STEM intersects a broad range of career paths and opportunities, but all of them will in some way interact with the themes of problem solving and scientific inquiry. Those involved in the STEM community are people who are passionate about using their knowledge, skills, and talents to grapple with these themes and work their way toward real-world solutions.

What are some of the real-world topics in need of exploration and solutions in this area? Climate change. Artificial intelligence. Mars missions. Self-driving cars. Data security. STEM education. Clean energy. With the rapid development of technology and the exponential growth of innovative industries in need of problem solvers, we will continue to see these topics and more evolve as solutions are found and new questions are asked.

In a traditional sense, STEM industries offer opportunities that align with the following academic fields: astronomy and astrophysics, biology, neuroscience, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, engineering, geosciences, math, physics, and psychology. However, since major does not necessarily equal career, anyone with an interest in these academic fields or industry areas can find a segment of their own career journey connected to STEM.

Students and alumnae are encouraged to get started by exploring the resources below and scheduling an appointment in Handshake to meet with the industry advisor for STEM students, Alexis Trench.



Technology Resources

Technology is present across all industries and disciplines, so the application of technical knowledge can be found in numerous career opportunities. Begin exploring through the resources below.

Engineering Resources

Engineering applies knowledge from science and math to real-world challenges in an effort of improve the world we live in. 

Physical Science Resources

Explore the resources below to learn about careers in the physical sciences, a branch of natural science which focuses primarily on the study of non-living systems.

Life Sciences Resources

The below resources can help you begin exploring career paths in Life Sciences, the study of living organisms and life processes.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Public Health

Green Hall 441
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

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Top Job Functions

Class of 2023 Top Job Functions in STEM
Engineering — Web / Software
Data & Analytics
Lab Work/Science
Architecture & Planning
Business Development
Product/Project Management
What they studied Where they work What they do
Neuroscience Brigham and Women's Hospital Clinical Research Assistant
Computer Science Vivint Android Developer
Computer Science & East Asian Studies Adobe Software Engineer
Computer Science Standing Stones Games LLC Game Engineer Intern
Economics & Computer Science Microsoft Engineer
Chemistry Aerodyne Industries Junior Chemist
Philosophy Northwestern University Data Assistant for Dr Winter at Feinberg School of Medicine
Women's and Gender Studies Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Coordinator
Classics & Art History Epic Project Manager
Media Arts and Sciences Microsoft Project Manager
* Highlighted outcomes from 2023 graduates
Kennedy Barnes

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