Self-Assessment (Preparing to Apply to Health Profession Schools)

Your first step in the application process is a thoughtful reflection on your readiness to apply. This resource contains the self-assessment planning document, questions to ask yourself as you consider applying, and information about competencies valued in the admissions process.


Students may apply as early as the spring after their junior year, or may wait and apply years after graduating. Your goal should be to apply once, and gain acceptance into a top choice school. Application is expensive, stressful and time consuming. Before you begin the process, complete the self-assessment to reflect on your readiness to apply. After careful thought, some applicants decide to wait to submit their application. 

  • Download the Google Document, save it to your google account and fill it out. Please do not edit the original!
  • You will need to log into your myWellesley account, and log out of other Google drives to access the Self-Assessment.

What do Schools Look for in Applicants?

The AAMC published a list of fifteen core competencies for medical school students that are generalizable to all students applying to health professions schools. Consider ways that you have met these competencies as you plan for your application.

Schools also look for applicants who are ready for the academic and professional rigors of training.

  1. Are you sure this is what you want to do? Take the time to learn more about your selected health profession and about other opportunities if you’re still undecided.
  2. Are you excited about the idea of continuing your graduate education now, or would you like to spend some time working, traveling, or exploring other aspects of the world first?
  3. Is your academic record strong?  Would it be helpful to take additional courses?
  4. Are you ready to take your entrance exam? If you have taken it, are your standardized test scores competitive?  Would it be helpful to take some time to prepare for and retake the test?
  5. Do you have the clinical, service, and research experience that your health profession schools will be looking for on your application?
  6. Have you cultivated relationships with professors and mentors who will be willing and able to write strong letters of recommendation on your behalf?
  7. Have you developed the empathy, understanding, resiliency, maturity, dedication, and communication and advocacy skills careers in health professions require? Consider taking additional time to develop competencies for health professions schools.

Waiting to Apply

Nationally, 70% of medical school students take one or more gap years between graduation and matriculation into medical school. For Wellesley students this number is even higher, over 80% take time to work or explore other interests. Taking the time to learn about yourself, grow as a person, gain experience in the world and explore other interests is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a rigerous career. 

Visit Waiting to Apply: Taking a Gap Year (Or More) for more information.

Take a look at the Post-Baccalaureate Planning section of the Waiting to Apply resource to learn more about academic resources and opportunities after graduating. 

GPA and MCAT Data

The national average MCAT for accepted students is around 511 for 2017-2019. This is fairly consistant for averages for Wellesley students.