Jonathan Kemp

Jonathan Kemp
(781) 283-7027
A.B., Columbia University
Observatory, Rm 113

Jonathan Kemp

Observatory Manager and Instrument Specialist

I connect our community with resources to explore our Universe — from astronomy and physics to other sciences and across the liberal arts.

As Observatory Manager and Instrument Specialist, I manage, operate, schedule, maintain, support, and consult regarding all aspects of the Observatory as well assist with broader curricular and research directions across both Astronomy and Physics.  This includes ensuring proper operation and maintenance of equipment and assisting students and faculty to support the utilization of instrumentation in lab-based courses and research.

My expertise includes observatory management, observational astronomy, and scientific computing. My areas of interest include undergraduate education, liberal arts education, STEM education and public outreach, science communication, citizen science, lifelong learning, cataclysmic variable binary stars, optical time series photometry, professional-amateur collaboration, small-telescope science, telescope and instrument technologies, laboratory safety, graphic design, data management, open-source software, Python, and Linux operating systems.

Before arriving at Wellesley, I was previously at Middlebury College, Gemini Observatory, the Joint Astronomy Centre (including the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope and the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope), and Columbia University. I have been a visiting observer at MDM Observatory, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, South African Astronomical Observatory, Kitt Peak National Observatory, and McDonald Observatory. Collaborations include the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium and the Center for Backyard Astrophysics.

I also teach basic lab skills for research computing  including data analysis, computational thinking, and research software  as a Software Carpentries certified instructor.


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