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Tulani Reeves-Miller:

Tulani Reeves-Miller
Media Arts & Sciences major
I make art to be less lonely and to comfort lonely people. My prints, artist books, drawings, comics, and digital drawings are sincere transcriptions of my thoughts and feelings. Creating representations of the people I want to see in media- gay people, black people, fat people- keeps me motivated to create. Drawn to hope and melancholy, I balance themes of isolation and connection in my soft, magical work with traces of sadness. Though I am drawn to cool tones and pastel colors when creating, my work is warm with understanding.
Being ____________
digital comic, website
grid of line drawings of cartoon people

Cartooning continually deviates from reality, even in stories that wish to reflect it. 

Identity is an essential part of how we connect to other people and get to know ourselves. This work is an exploration of representation and identity in different visual mediums and the effects of interaction and how it feels to move through the world as a Black queer person interested in  science and technology.

Each story has autobiographical elements because I wanted the stories to focus on a unique experience at Wellesley, which is that of being Black, queer, and in a STEM major. Identity is complicated. Each story deals with a unique element of identity, whether it is shedding an identity that does not serve you, embodying an identity as part of a team, or accepting that you fit into an identity you did not previously consider for yourself. Sometimes, we wait to feel like an identity truly fits us. I am an adult, an artist, a writer, a scientist. As people grow, we expand our understanding of who we are and what we can accomplish.  These stories are for college students of color in STEM and for those who have struggled with feelings of not belonging. 

 The focus is letting go of the need to be independent and the shame that comes from not knowing the answers while embracing receiving  help to move forward in life, as it saves time and creates connections with other people. 


Read one of the comics online here.


single page from a comic showing one character getting help with computer science homework; black line art on white with light blue shading