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The 2023 Dr. Ruth Morris Bakwin Class of 1919 Art Lecture - Drs. Norma Broude and Mary Garrard


Bakwin poster

This year's Bakwin Art Lecture will feature eminent feminist art historians Dr. Norma Broude and Dr. Mary D. Garrard.

Dr. Broude is a specialist in 19th century French and Italian painting. She has offered critical scholarship and reassessments of Impressionist painters, including Degas, Cassatt, and Seurat. Dr. Garrard focuses on the Italian Renaissance-Baroque period in her own research. In addition to their numerous publications seperately, together they co-edited four books on feminism and art history that created the basis for feminist art historical education in America. The first of these, Feminism and Art History: Questioning the Litany, was originally published in 1982, at a time when conservative art critics and historians were still questioning whether contemporary feminist art had any place at all in the canon, let alone whether already-canonical works could be interpreted through a feminist lens.

Authors of what would become some of the most essential and foundational feminist art history texts, Drs Broude and Garrard forever changed the conversation around art history and feminist thought in the US.

Tuesday, April 4

5:15 pm EDT

The lecture will take place on Zoom, advance registration required. Register online here!

Members of the campus community and invited guests have the option of watching the talk together in JAC 450, where refreshments will be served.

Email Meghan Murray with any questions.




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