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gallery view of paintings and sculptures
Gallery view with sculptures by Meghan Grubb and paintings by Zsofia Schweger. All photos by Samara Pearlstein.
Motion/Less featured the work of two Wellesley College alumnae-- Meghan Grubb '05 and Zsofia Schweger '12-- who were awarded the Alice C. Cole '42 Studio Project Grant in the 2015-16 academic year.
The Alice C. Cole '42 Studio Project Grant provides project-based support to recent Wellesley College graduates for the development, production, and exhibition of new work in painting and sculpture, whatever those disciplines may mean to the artist. The fund enables promising recent graduates to set aside time for artistic development as well as to purchase materials, rent studio space, or access facilities for the creation of new projects.
wall-mounted sculpture by Meghan Grubb
Sculpture by Meghan Grubb.
Meghan Grubb '05 makes works of sculpture and installation that explore the ways we respond-- physically and emotionally-- to precarious situations, both real and perceived. In Motion/Less, Grubb shows several works that reflect her ongoing investigation into equilibrium, transition, and potential energy. Embodying the experience of slow-moving change, Tide Shift is a modular floor installation that builds on the artist's research into wave, water, currents, and tidal patterns. On the walls, several sculptural works from Grubb's Pull series offer an intimate view of small objects suspended in space, balanced between opposing physical forces.
painting by Zsofia Schweger
Painting by Zsofia Schweger.
Zsofia Schweger '12 creates paintings informed by her experience of moving from country to country, drawing on ideas of home and belonging, local identity, and the emigrant experience. In her Sandorfalva, Hungary series, Schweger paints minimal domestic interiors of the home where she grew up in Sandorfalva, Hungary. While her paintings appear to be made of perfect, clean shapes in block colors, a closer look reveals the uncertain and anxious hand behind each brush stroke, emphasizing the process of memory involved in their creation and bringing to the paintings a sense of both comfort and alienation.
Motion/Less was on display from October 2 - November 3, 2017 in the Jewett Art Gallery.
people standing in the Jewett Gallery for exhibition opening reception