Using Social Media for Networking

In today’s world, you are probably using several social media platforms each day, quite possibly as frequent as every hour! We live in a social world that grants greater opportunity for making connections and increased transparency. As you continue to approach or advance in your professional career, you must understand how to use social media platforms to your advantage in building your network and brand.

When someone recommends you for a job, what two sentences do you hope they will use to describe you? Any platform visible to professional contacts should support this message. While you may choose to keep platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat private, it is advisable to operate under the assumption that if a recruiter was to somehow see this content, you would still get hired.

Three key platforms to use to build your professional network and brand are LinkedIn, Twitter, and The Wellesley Hive.



LinkedIn is your professional networking go-to for making connections beyond the Wellesley network. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn quickly grew and became known as the social platform for professional networking.

Connect with those you know or share a point of reference with. For example, connecting with a Wellesley alumna who works in finance to grow your network in the industry would be acceptable since you have Wellesley as a point of connection and are purposeful in why you would like to connect. Including this information in your connection message is key. Another example would be connecting with the employers you met at an on-campus information session after the event. Use the message to thank them for taking the time to visit Wellesley and express interest in their company and the information shared.

Below are some quick tips for how to make the most of LinkedIn as you build your network:

  • Fully customize and add content to your profile that helps you to stand out. Use the project section in your profile for project or publication URLs
  • Comment on and share content of interest to you that supports the brand you want other professionals to connect with your name.
  • Write an article and share your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Research the career paths and trajectories of those in positions you aspire to obtain one day
  • Join and engage in groups connected to your interests and career goals
  • Use the “Find Alumni” tool to further expand your reach in alumnae circles.
  • Request intentional recommendations  and endorsements that speak to your actual skills from past supervisors, mentors, or close connections. Likewise, take the time to write meaningful recommendations for others



Twitter has revolutionized the way people share thoughts, ideas, and opinions to a large-scale audience. In 140 characters or less, breaking news is shared, movements begin, and people around the globe connect. Twitter presents you with an opportunity to learn from the dialogue and opinions of thought leaders while adding your own insight to the dialogue.

Using Twitter wisely for your professional career will create a network of followers for you related to your industry of interest. When tweeting under these circumstances, leave the thought about last night’s Game of Thrones out of the conversation. Mixing some personal with professional can give you a sense of authenticity, but do so thoughtfully.

Below are some quick tips for how to make the most of Twitter as you build your network:

  • Use a keyword search to find content and learn from the opinions of thought leaders
  • Follow others in positions or on career paths you aspire to emulate
  • Share articles, content, and opinions that showcase your interest and knowledge of the field
  • Voice your opinion and give credit to others who have shared similar ideas
  • Leverage Twitter at conferences to gain the attention of a targeted, industry-specific audience


The Wellesley Hive

Designed exclusively for Wellesley, the Hive's platform lets students and alumnae interact to ask questions, seek guidance, coach and inspire each other, and find paths toward their professional goals. Users can also connect with faculty members for advice and mentorship.

The Wellesley Hive is designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and interactive. Key features of the platform include the ability to:

  • Search and connect with the Wellesley Network as a mentor, mentee, or both
  • Search for opportunities shared by fellow alumnae and Career Education
  • Discover and post event listings, including networking mixers, career fairs, conferences, and more
  • Join discussion groups to connect with others around shared career interests and identities
  • Learn more about forming meaningful mentorship relationships through digital resources
  • Find opportunities for informal guidance, informational interviews, or formal mentorship across the Wellesley network

Below are some quick tips for how to make the most of The Wellesley Hive as you build your network:

  • Search for and read the profiles of alumnae in careers of interest to you. Learn from their steps along the way and map out questions you might be interested in asking them
  • Connect with alums to gain a better understanding of their career trajectory, find opportunities to job shadow, gain advice and opinions about your own career decision-making process, and continue to build your personal advisory board
  • Share articles, questions, and comments on the discussion board or within the specific career community group of interest to you
  • Create and customize your profile to make yourself searchable to others in the same field who may want to reach out and connect