Pre-law Advising at Wellesley: Information for Prospective Students

The liberal arts education offered by Wellesley College prepares students for a wide range of careers and graduate studies, including law school. Below are the answers to some FAQ about preparing for law school.


Why should I choose Wellesley?

Wellesley College offers many advantages and opportunities to students entering law and related fields. These include: 

  • Small class sizes with outstanding professors who provide superb teaching and individual attention to their students;
  • Letters of recommendation from faculty who know their students well;
  • Pre-law advising for students interested in law school and related careers as well as for alumnae no matter how long ago they graduated;
  • Pre-law programming  and resources throughout the year;
  • Individual advising throughout the application process to help with timing, personal statements, selecting schools, etc.;
  • Advising and financial support from Career Education to find experiences and internships to gain knowledge about law careers. Student internship examples include District Attorney offices, Attorney General offices, Public Defender offices, US Supreme Court, Legal Services Clinics, the ACLU, law firms, and many more!
  • Active student organizations related to law, political science, and international relations;
  • An extensive network of alumnae in a range of law schools and law professions who are interested in mentoring, sharing experiences, and offering support.


What should I major in?

Law schools do not require a specific major. They do look for an interest in the law, which can be demonstrated through coursework, extracurricular activities, and/or work experience.  

What courses should I take?

Law schools are looking for courses that encourage students to think critically, analyze deeply, and write extensively. Law schools look for intellectual rigor (which Wellesley provides) and for students who challenge themselves, including, for example, completing more than the required number of 300-level courses, engaging in an independent study, and writing an honors thesis. None of these challenges trump the applicant’s ability to manage a full, four course credit load per semester and to take all courses for credit whenever possible. Wellesley offers courses in the study of law and politics, American history, international relations and law, women and the law, environmental law, social justice, ethics, and many more! Your pre-law and faculty advisors will work with you to tailor your schedule so that you can create the best academic path for you.  

What are the most important pieces of law school academic preparation?

Law schools look for a strong GPA and LSAT score. The LSAT is now offered seven times a year, and your pre-law advisor will help you plan the best test time for you. Recommendations from faculty who can speak to your intellectual ability are also important. Extracurricular activities demonstrate active engagement in school life.


Can I study abroad and still prepare for law school?

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience and demonstrates academic dexterity.  It is not required for admittance to law school. Students should work with their pre-law and faculty advisors to plan ahead for studying abroad, as it is important to understand the GPA implications.  

Can I take time between finishing my Wellesley College education and matriculating at a law school?

Yes! In fact, many schools encourage their applicants to explore experiences, broadly defined, before applying to law school. About 70 percent of students take a gap of 1 to 5 years before applying.


Are Wellesley College students successful in admissions to law schools?

Yes! Each year, our students are admitted to top law schools in the country. We support any student or alumna interested in applying to law school.


Where can I learn more about Pre-law and Career Education at Wellesley?

For more information, please visit the Government, International Affairs, and Law Career Community website or contact Pre-law Advisor Emma Cutrufello.