Advertising and marketing are terms that tend to be synonymous in the minds of many, and rightfully so; the two functions are complementary and intertwined. In the simplest terms, marketers determine packaging, pricing, and promotion strategy (marketing campaign) for current and new products, keeping the brand, or the image the company is trying to convey with their products, in mind. Advertisers carry out the product promotion through development and strategic placement of memorable and persuasive advertisements, both subtle and overt, to get the message out to the target market.

Here is a video that breaks down the differences between marketing, public relations, and advertising!



Advertising and marketing functions take place at all types of businesses, from large corporations and manufacturing firms to small service-oriented businesses. Additionally, companies and organizations may outsource some or all of their marketing and advertising functions to agencies. Advertising and marketing are not limited to for-profit organizations, but are also necessities at non-profit organizations as well. Museums, health care organizations, universities, government agencies and other non-profits all advertise and market their programs and services. (Source)

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