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Career Education Overview for Faculty & Staff 

Career Education at Wellesley has been designed to complement students’ liberal arts education.We support students (and alums!) in their ability to think broadly across disciplines, developing a strong sense of their own interests, skills, values, and strengths to apply to their career journeys. We look forward to partnering with Wellesley's faculty and staff in our shared goal of supporting students as they discover their own path to a meaningful career.

Highlighted Resources

Graduate School Advising

Did you know that our office offers graduate & professional school advising? We work with students and alums at every step:  considering whether graduate school might be the right next step, researching funding, and compiling applications.

Industry Advising

Career Education offers industry-specific advising for students and alums who have identified particular fields of interest. From biotech to media, our advisors can offer tailored support.


Funded Internships

Funded Internships and grants offered by Career Education, along with funded internships offered by other departments, are centralized through our office. Learn more about these opportunities and the Fall (Nov. 1) and Spring (March 1) deadlines.

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The Fellowships team within Career Education is here to help students understand the many funding opportunities available to them, and put forth strong applications. Your encouragement to connect with us to explore fellowships can make all the difference!

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

At Wellesley, Civic Engagement is at the very core of student career exploration. This program sits within Career Education, and explores the role of social justice work across all majors and career fields, offering students many ways to volunteer and make a difference.


Events Listing

Each year, Career Education hosts an array of events designed to meet students where they are. From career fairs, to industry exploration weeks, to resume and cover letter sessions, learn more about the events we’re hosting this academic year.


Unsure where to begin? See below for a list of departmental liasons to find your best point of contact. If you don't see your area represented, please reach out to and we'll help you connect with the right staff member for your needs!

Accessibility & Disability Services: Nicole Park

Anthropology: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Architecture: Hebert Labbate

Art: Hebert Labbate

Africana Studies: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Astronomy: Alexis Trench

American Studies: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Biology: Alexis Trench

Chemistry: Alexis Trench

Cinema & Media Studies: Hebert Labbate

Class Deans: Ariane Baker

Classical Studies Department: Hebert Labbate

Computer Science: Alexis Trench

Cognitive & Linguistic Science: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Davis Museum: Hebert Labbate

Economics: Casey Hurley

English: Hebert Labbate

Environmental Studies: Alexis Trench

Education: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Geosciences: Alexis Trench

History: Nicole Park

Language Departments: Marisa Crowley

Math: Alexis Trench

Music: Hebert Labbate

Neuroscience: Alexis Trench

Peace & Justice: Nicole Park

PERA: Ariane Baker

Philosophy: Nicole Park

Physics: Alexis Trench

Political Science: Nicole Park

Psychology: Marisa Crowley

Religion: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Sociology: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Women’s & Gender Studies: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine

Writing Program: Ariane Baker

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