localStyle, still from the digital video installation Dancing Cranes, 2002-03.
Dancing Cranes
Sep 18, 2003 - Feb 15, 2004

A digital animation and sound project, Dancing Cranes provides visual and sonic moments of considerable tension and drama that are ultimately resolved in a forceful and harmonic ending. The result of a collaboration between visual and audio artists, the six-minute digital projection reflects multicultural perspectives along with meditations on peace, longevity, and wisdom. Using the symbolism of the crane in Asian societies and the utopian hopes of the Russian Constructivists, the artists of localStyle have constructed a distinctly narrative but abstract work that invites the viewer to both participate in and reflect upon the juxtaposition of sound and image. The multilayered experience tests one’s visual acuity and awareness of temporal change.

Founded in 2000, localStyle is a collaborative of visual and audio artists interested in exploring perceptual phenomena in a variety of forms, challenging the viewer to analyze his or her own biases in the realm of perception and to contemplate how the resulting framework colors the way one interprets and acts within the world.

Dancing Cranes is funded by Joan and Richard Freedman.