Hello Yellow Class of 2027,

Welcome to Wellesley and the Davis! As seniors and as interns at the Davis, we’ve gotten to know the museum well. We’ve spent the summer working with the Davis staff on various projects and are so happy you are arriving at a time when the museum is reopening to Wellesley students!

Our favorite Davis memories over our Wellesley years have been going to the print study on the second floor, playing Among Us with the Davis Museum Student Advisory Committee (DMSAC), and learning about the history of chocolate over Zoom during our internship. We know that you’ll also make amazing memories at the Davis. Here’s a bit of advice for your time at Wellesley:

  1. Explore as much as you can! Walk around the lake, and find your favorite spot on campus. Visit the Davis and wander around the galleries. Check out our digital exhibitions and activities, too! Whether you’re curious about 19th-century photography, Latin American prints, contemporary sculptures, or anything else, you can find it all here at the Davis.
  2. Find your community! There is always someone out there who is interested in the same things as you, and Wellesley is a great place to pick up a new interest, too (DMSAC perhaps?). Just be careful not to overcommit—rest and relaxation is also a great hobby!

We are so excited to have you on campus! Please feel free to reach out to us about questions, concerns, or random thoughts about anything and everything at Wellesley, and we hope you love the Davis as much as we do!

With lots of love,

Helen Redmond ‘21 and ​​Uttkantha Sindhwani ‘22