Projecting Professionalism, Clarity, & Confidence on Virtual Platforms (Webinar, May 2020)


For some people, virtual communication has long been a part of their lives or jobs. For others, the new normal involves a far greater virtual presence. Whether you are leading a virtual meeting, talking with a client via Zoom, or participating in an informational or job interview, being “in the spotlight” on camera and communicating over video while working from home can present new challenges. 

Ann Timmons ’79, Communications Artist, hosts this webinar focused on best practices for public speaking on virtual platforms and successful strategies for projecting professionalism and confidence through your unique video presence. Ann has extensive experience teaching emerging and established leaders across all sectors how to speak so others will listen. Drawing upon her background as an actor, director, writer, and teacher, Ann shares her distinctive approach to presentation skills and communications training to help you discover and embrace your authentic self.