Introduction to Interviewing

Congratulations! If you are reading this resource, you may have an upcoming interview that you are preparing for or are at a stage in your academic career where you anticipate an upcoming interview — whether it be for a job, internship, fellowship, or graduate school. Interviewing can be a very exciting time as you start to think about your career aspirations and the many ways in which you can lend your talents and make a difference in the world around you. It can also be a time of great anxiety and nervousness as you worry about the process and whether or not you will be able to give the “right” answers, whether the interviewer(s) will like you, or perhaps you are preoccupied with the fear of being rejected. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate this anxiety by understanding both the interview process as well as what employers, organizations, and graduate schools are looking for when meeting with potential candidates. Accordingly, this guide will give you the tools and strategies that you will need in order to prepare and position yourself for success in an any interview.

Career Education's Interviewing Resources are centered around The Four Pillars or Four P’s (Preparation, Presentation, Proficiency, Partnership) of Interviewing, which serve as the foundation for a successful interviewing experience. As such, you can read our resources from beginning to end (we recommend this for students and alumnae who have minimal experience with interviews) or jump to the appropriate section in which you would like additional guidance. The first section, Preparation includes information on how to plan your research on industries, companies, graduate school programs, roles and responsibilities as well as ways to practice interviewing. Next is Presentation, which will help you make a great first impression by covering attire, planning logistics, interview etiquette, and staying focused. Third is Proficiencies, which addresses the skill set that interviewers look for in candidates, various types of interviews, and sample interview questions. Lastly, Partnership will guide you on how to assess culture and share strategies to aid you in determining your fit within an organization or program.

We are excited to share this guide with you and encourage you to use this information in conjunction with the diverse array of tools, resources and events Career Education offers to assist you with preparation for industry specific interviews, career exploration and self-assessment. Do not hesitate to reach out to Career Education, our industry-specific Advisors, and your Advisor for Career Exploration with any questions.

We are all here to support you through the interview process and help you do your best!

How to do your Best in a Job Interview. 4 Pillars:

  • Preparation: Research & practice
  • Presentation: Make a great first impression
  • Proficiency: Assess your skill set & articulate your experience
  • Partnership: Determine your fit