Interviewing Checklist: Reminders for Before, During, and After an Interview

Before the Interview

  • Make an appointment with Career Education
  • Assess yourself
  • Research the opportunity, role, and interviewer
  • Attend on and off campus recruiting events to meet organization representatives
  • Understand and clarify interview format and logistics
  • Utilize the free Career Education Suit Program, if needed
  • Practice, practice, practice

During the Interview

  • Show up 15 minutes early, if you are running late let your interviewer know
  • Be thoughtful in your interactions and treat all staff with respect and kindness
  • Display professionalism: firm handshake, attire, presentation
  • Instill confidence
  • Articulate experiences and highlight transferrable skills
  • Ask thoughtful questions about the company, mission or initiatives
  • Ask for next steps of the interview process as well as contact information for follow up thank you

After the Interview

  • Each interview is a valuable experience regardless of the outcome, reflect on the process
  • Send thank you notes or messages within 24-48 hours, reiterate interest and reference the conversation
  • Be patient, each organization has their own unique timelines
  • Consult Career Education for guidance and resources regarding next step in the process   

Career Education is here for you throughout any part of the interview process. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for questions, concerns, or assistance.