On-Campus Printing Services for Wellesley-Branded Business Cards

Business cards are useful for networking, career fairs, interviews, and more. While there are many online services that offer inexpensive business card printing, Wellesley Printing Services is a convenient, on-campus option for Wellesley-branded business cards. Please note that Wellesley Printing Services is located at the Distribution Center, and that the Copy Center in Green Hall does not have the equipment to print business cards.

Guidelines for submission
Students should contact Rick Bourque in Printing Services and include all information listed below. He will flow your personal contact information into a standard template, following Wellesley brand guidelines. Students will not need to do any layout work. Allow 5 business days for turnaround.

Please provide the following information for the card: 

  • Name
  • Class year
  • Major
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email

Approximate pricing for an individual student
Please request exact quote from Printing Services when you submit your request. Cost decreases if multiple student business cards are printed at once.
​50 cards $19.00
100 cards $22.50​