Fellowships for International Students


Fellowships for International Students

Exploring Funding Opportunities

Wellesley-funded opportunities and a wide range of external scholarships and fellowships are open to students and graduates of any nationality. Explore the resources below to get started, but these are just a few options, for which you'd need to apply through our office. There are many more options out there!

Explore more extensive opportunities listed chronologically by Deadline: click on "Fellowship" to reveal search filters including "international student"!

Smart and capable as you are, you don't have to go it alone! The Fellowships team is here all year 'round, including over the summerand happy to help you explore fellowships, brainstorm ideas, review drafts, choose recommenders, prep for interviews, and much more.  Book a fellowships appointment now-- we can't wait to talk with you!

But wait, there's more: Fellowships virtual drop-ins, workshops, and panels happen throughout the calendar year: check out our events listings!

Office hours 

Already reviewed the resources and ready to take the next step? Book a fellowships advising appointment or drop in to pop-up advising hours (listed below, with virtual pop-ups listed as events in Handshake) to meet with the Fellowships team!

8:30 am – 4:30pm

Green Hall 444

Pop-up advising hours 

See Career Education events listings on this website or in Handshake for varying dates/times, details.

A Brief Introduction to Fellowships and Scholarships

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

Fellowships and scholarships offer funding to support a range of purposeful activities, including undergraduate research, language study/other study abroad, self-designed projects, teaching and service, graduate or professional study, or even internships and professional placements. They can open doors for you to things you might not be able to pursue otherwise.

There are opportunities for students and graduates of every nationality and at every stage of their careers. What might be the right fit for you?


Hebert Labbate

Today's entertainment industry includes everything from the large scale productions of the Hollywood studio system, to the independent work being done within smaller markets, to the new media offerings adapting at the fringe of established distribution channels. A lot of attention and publicity is given to the “above the line” careers such as directing, producing, writing, and acting, but just as many career opportunities are available within support industries like post-production, entertainment law, talent representation, public relations and marketing, and social media.

Rejoining the Workforce

Destiny M. Barletta

Many women find it challenging to prepare a resume after being home for several years. Do not discount the value of work that you have been doing, even if it has not been a formal or paid job. This resource will provide an overview for women returning to the workforce and working parents.

Job Searching After 50

Destiny M. Barletta

This resource outlines considerations for job searching over 50, including tailored advice for your writing your resume, networking, and interviewing.

“I think art’s first goal is to remind us that we are human...”