Class of 2025 Fellowship Planning

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What would you do with a fellowship? Fellowships and scholarships can fund graduate or professional study, purposeful travel, professional placements, self-designed projects, and so much more. They can help you build your experience and qualifications, help you explore a passion, and clarify a path forward. 

Smart and capable as you are, you don't have to go it alone! The Fellowships team is here all year 'round, including over the summerand happy to help you explore fellowships, brainstorm ideas, review drafts, choose recommenders, prep for interviews, and much more.  Book a fellowships appointment now-- we can't wait to talk with you!

Nuzaina Khan ’23
In order to make changes in laws and policies, we need to have data on our side. We need to be able to make a case that shows a causal link between misinformation online and the erosion of democracy.
Nuzaina Khan ’23
2022 Rhodes Scholar for Pakistan
Rinako Sonobe ’22
I see the printshop as a place for all things: teaching, learning, experimentation, creation, expression, collaboration, communication, and inspiration.
Rinako Sonobe ’22
2022 Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Recipient
Katharine Conklin ’22
I decided to look into a variety of fellowships because I was interested in securing funding for an experience which would support my development as a human being and young professional. Through writing applications, asking for reference letters, and preparing for interviews, I continuously clarified my future goals and sense of self.
Katharine Conklin ’22
Penn BSTR Fellow at the Loomis Chaffee School
Iris Simone Haastrup-Sanders ’22
While I was applying for fellowships, I wish I knew to allow grace for myself and trust the process and intuition. It is as important to plan for the future, while appreciating the now. Everything will always turn out the way it is meant to be in the end.
Iris Simone Haastrup-Sanders ’22
2022 Liliane Pingoud Soriano Curatorial Research Fellow
Alexandra Martinez Lopez ’22
Applying for fellowships/scholarships was a pivotal step in the process of discovering how to tell my story to the world. I found my voice as a writer, and it's a skill I use even in my scientific career.
Alexandra Martinez Lopez ’22
Goldwater Scholar, Erasmus Mundus Scholar


Postgraduate Fellowship Resources

Begin your fellowships exploration here — and then continue by exploring the resources below, the listing of opportunities by deadline, and workshops and panels, throughout the summer!

March 26opt in to the Postgrad Fellowships Spring Prep, which includes customized timelines, reminders, and planning!

May 1: opt-in to Postgraduate Fellowship Summer Support program by submitting this Getting Started worksheet to this form to help plan and build your applications - and gain access to additional check-ins to help you stay on-track and craft strong applications with minimal stress!

July 24: Optional Draft Deadline for postgraduate fellowships—submit drafts to guarantee draft review appointment before relevant fall deadline

Why not start by exploring fellowships by major, international status, or topic?

Fellowships for Research & Graduate School

There are more fellowships and scholarships than you might think there are to help fund graduate or professional study. Use the resources below, beginning with "Fellowships for Graduate Study" and "Undergraduate Research Fellowships" for funding for senior theses— and don't forget to check the Deadlines page for more opportunities.

Travel Fellowships

Fellowships can provide opportunities to travel the world — whether to study a language, pursue graduate school abroad, or to execute a project. 

Service Fellowships

Fellowships are available to fund meaningful service work. To begin exploring, take a look at our Service Fellowship resource below and on our "Deadlines" page.