Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning

The Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning offers students the opportunity to work in Boston-based non-profits geared toward social change and community engagement. A hallmark of the program is that Lumpkin interns live together and learn from each throughout the summer through personal and group interactions. The majority of these opportunities are funded by Lumpkin internship funds; three placements are funded by Wellesley's Frost Center for the Environment. 

Click on the links below to explore internship opportunities in these Lumpkin areas:

For more information about our Signature Internships and application process, please consult our Signature Internships Website. Applications are open in Workday during our Fall application cycle (Oct. 1 - Nov. 1). *A limited number of sites are open for the SPRING Application Cycle (Feb. 1 - March 1). These sites are EMPath, FamilyAid Boston, and YW Boston. We will accept applications from both sophomores AND juniors for these sites. Please see job descriptions below. 


Lumpkin Program participants are required to:

  • Work a total of 300 hours over 8 weeks (not including mandatory weekly seminar)  
  • Live together in summer housing (arranged by and paid for by Wellesley Career Education)
  • Attend weekly seminars coordinated by Wellesley Career Education. Topics include many aspects of the not-for-profit work environment as well as personal and professional development activities
  • Complete all required seminar work (e.g., readings, reflections, reports)
  • Participate in the Tanner Conference

Eligible Class Year: Sophomores

For more information about our Signature Internships and application process, please consult our Signature Internships Website.



Internships that help train volunteers and improve the volunteer experience for underserved populations as well as internships in curriculum development and teaching for low-income youth.

Mass Audubon's Boston Nature Center 

(Boston, MA)  Filled for summer 2024

Mass Audubon’s Boston Nature Center (BNC) is a beautiful 67-acre wildlife sanctuary located in the heart of a bustling city. In the twenty years since its inception, the BNC has grown into a vibrant urban community nature center which offers a host of programs including summer camps, nature preschool, school-age programs, public programs and accessible, organic food programs. The sanctuary is open to the public year-round with two miles of trails and boardwalks through meadows and wetlands, home to over 150 species of birds, 40 species of butterflies, and more than 350 species of plants. 

Sustainable farming is at the heart of Boston Nature Center’s goal to demonstrate the connection between people and land and the impact of food transportation on climate change. Increasing the equitable access to local food in the greater Boston region while decreasing the carbon footprint of Boston’s food system, is part of Mass Audubon’s mission to build and support climate resilient city communities.

Job Title: Education Intern 
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: In person

Job Description: In this summer program, interns will work alongside the Boston Nature Center Garden educator in the ten educational garden plots located at the sanctuary in the Clark Cooper Community Gardens. The garden education team will help plan and plant the plots including the garden play sensory plot, the native plant perennial nursery plot and other themed educational plots. The intern will work with the team to lead educational experiences in the garden for the BNC teens, nature preschoolers, visiting school children and other groups interested in garden care, planting with the ecosystem in mind and learning more about sustainable farming techniques. The team will design and implement educational programs on topics that include Beneficial Insects of the Garden, Honey Harvesting and Bee Keeping, and Growing Food on your Windowsill. Children visit daily from Boston schools, the on-site nature preschool, and summer camp to engage in garden fun, sustainable farming, and to enjoy garden vegetables and fruits harvested by their own hands. 


  • Work with the garden educator to maintain ten educational garden plots to plan and plant 10 educational plots for the summer. 
  • Teach environmental education programming that is age-appropriate and culturally responsive to children and young adults.  
  • Work with the garden educator to create activities focused on climate change and sustainable food systems.
  • Create climate change and food resources and activities for festivals and events.  
  • Work hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Fridays.   

What You Will Learn 

  • Hands-on/minds-on environmental education with a focus on climate change and food systems.
  • Creation of developmentally appropriate and inclusive educational materials. 
  • Community engagement that values diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. 
  • Teaching techniques for working with children and adults in the outdoors. 

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Candidates who are interested in working with children, community members and have a sense of fun. 
  • Interested in spending the summer working outdoors and with people of diverse backgrounds while connecting people of all ages to the world around them and inspiring them to act on its behalf. 
  • Interested in the areas of environmental studies, food systems, gardening, education or related field.  


Internships at non-profit organizations that invest in the critical needs of low-income communities, help families break the cycle of poverty, are dedicated to advancing equity, or support historical and cultural institutions that serve the Boston community.

BlueHub Capital

Formerly known as Boston Community Capital (Boston, MA) Filled for summer 2024

BlueHub Capital is a mission-driven, nonprofit community development financing organization focused on building healthy communities where low-income people live and work. We use innovative financial tools and deploy capital to support projects that make communities more vibrant places to live. BlueHub has four distinct programs: BlueHub Loan Fund (community development financing), BlueHub SUN (foreclosure relief), BlueHub Energy (clean energy access) and One Percent for America (citizenship financing). Since our founding in 1985, BlueHub has invested over $2.4 billion (and leveraged over $12 billion) to finance:

  • Affordable housing, school facilities, child and youth development programs, community-based health centers, grocery stores, and community gathering places
  • Reducing financial barriers to US citizenship
  • Clean energy enhancements that expand access to solar and other renewable sources for people with low incomes
  • Mortgage lending for families facing foreclosure

Reducing economic inequality is at the heart of why BlueHub exists and why we do the work we do. Our investments focus on marginalized communities, particularly those who’ve been systematically denied access to capital. Our offices are located in the Nubian Square neighborhood of Boston, MA. To learn more about BlueHub Capital, please visit,

Job Title: Finance and Community Development Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

Job Description: BlueHub Capital works with diverse stakeholders including impact investors, financial institutions, foundations, community organizations, policymakers and public officials to fulfill its mission of building healthy communities where low-income people live and work. The Lumpkin intern will work closely with team members in BlueHub’s various business lines to support special research, outreach, analytical and administrative projects that advance our mission. They will be exposed to a range of community financing tools and approaches.  

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • An interest in finance and community development work
  • Experience working in/partnering with low-income and BIPOC communities
  • Interest and experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research
  • Strong data analysis skills
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Curiosity and questions about the challenges that low-income communities face
  • An interest in applying finance tools to create social change

Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath)

(Boston, MA) Accepting applications during spring cycle 2024

Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) is a Boston-based nonprofit that disrupts poverty through direct services, advocacy, research, and a global learning network. Our mission is to transform people’s lives by helping them move out of poverty and to provide other institutions with the tools to systematically do the same.

EMPath is known worldwide for our coaching approach, which is founded on the belief that each pathway out of poverty is different. We are at the helm of a movement to shift thinking from human services to human development, and to create lasting pathways to economic mobility for all.

Economic Mobility Exchange: The Economic Mobility Exchange (“Exchange”) is a global learning network, with over 140 members world wide all focused on disrupting poverty. Through this network, we provide the resources, knowledge, & tools for these organizations to implement Mobility Mentoring-informed programs. The Exchange is staffed by a capable Member Relations team, focused on relationship building, recruitment, and graduated engagement and learning as well as a capable operations team focused on process, special projects, and building the systems to support exponential growth in membership. 

Job Title: Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

Job Description: Working within the Exchange global learning network, you will work collaboratively as part of a team. A significant part of this internship is customizable to the selected intern’s interests and areas of growth. The main project in years past has been supporting and coordinating the Annual Member Survey, a process where we learn more about how organizations are implementing Mobility mentoring as well as their general satisfaction with membership. The specific tasks of the survey and other projects are designed based on your interests and skills – they may include data analysis, creating and designing an annual member report, designing and implementing a research project focused on practices that support economic mobility, testing and supporting the build out of content on a learning management system. Specific projects to be determined with supervisor.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • An interest in non-profit and community development work
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • A genuine sense of curiosity in learning what strategies/approaches to supporting economic mobility work well and why, and uncovering the challenges people and organizations experience

YW Boston

(Boston, MA)  Accepting applications during spring cycle 2024

As the first YWCA in the nation, we have been at the forefront of advancing equity for 150 years. We have remained a leader through generations by turning the support of those that envision a better Boston for all into creative, effective programs that make positive change. We have a deep understanding of the problems of racial and gender inequity, and we know what works – engaging people and organizations at all levels. Our programs that educate and empower reach middle school girls, police officers, corporate executives, high school youth leaders, policymakers, and Boston area residents of all walks of life. Everyone we connect with learns what they can do to promote equity in their personal life, social circle, workplace, school, or neighborhood.

Job Title: Data and Impact Fellow
Placements available: 2
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

Job Description: The Data and Impact Fellow will be actively involved in supporting the data collection, entry, and analysis related to the development of a YW Boston internal Impact Report. The fellow is expected to be a thought partner with the Data and Impact team, as well as with YW Boston staff, to improve the processes and data collection approaches as well as how we visualize and present data to different audiences. Skills you will learn and/or develop further may include: 

  • Research and Analysis:
    • Survey relevant literatures to support the program efforts at YW, and identify innovative approaches to measuring progress of individuals and organizations in their efforts to create more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workspaces.
    • Support data entry and analysis for YW Boston departments, including developing new ways of reporting to diverse audiences and stakeholder groups. This can include the opportunity to develop and modify data visualization dashboards.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration:
    • Participate in data team meetings to support organization-wide data practices.
    • Work with YW Boston staff to improve their data collection and entry processes.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • An interest in mission driven organizations, social justice issues (particularly at the intersection of race and gender).
  • An interest in using data to tell stories and measure social change. 
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and willingness to learn.
  • Strong data analysis skills (e.g. proficiency with excel and descriptive statistics).
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

Preferred (but not required) Skills:

  • Familiarity with Tableau.
  • Some training in statistics (t-tests, regression, etc.).


(Boston, MA) Filled for summer 2024

MassVOTE was founded in 1999 as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to advance voter participation and fair elections through its legislative advocacy and voter participation work. Today MassVOTE works on a nonpartisan basis to increase voter registration, education, and participation in historically underrepresented communities in Massachusetts. We do this with the ultimate goal of promoting social, political, economic, environmental, and racial justice. Our work aims to promote a culture of active political participation by providing individuals, local community groups, and civic organizations with the tools they need to organize, register, and educate voters, with an emphasis on historically disenfranchised communities. MassVOTE also builds civic coalitions to advocate for democratic reforms that make the electoral process more accountable and accessible to all.  

Job Title: Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

Job Description: By joining MassVOTE, the Fellow will have the opportunity to truly become a part of the MassVOTE team. The Fellow will meet one-on-one with MassVOTE staff, as well as attend meetings and events with us. The Fellow will also have the opportunity to network with a variety of affiliated organizations and coalition partners from across Massachusetts. 

The Lumpkin Fellow will work with MassVOTE staff on a variety of projects, including:  

  • Raising awareness around the 2024 Primary and State elections. This includes creating infographics, organizing candidate forums, crafting social media content, and more. 
  • Researching and analyzing public policy related to voting rights.
  • Crafting communications-related materials, like press releases and op-eds.
  • Attending meetings with state and municipal officials, community advocates, and more.
  • Assisting with administrative tasks as necessary, such as organizing press lists. 

Alongside these tasks, Lumpkin Fellows will join all MassVOTE interns and fellows in creating a summer research project. This project is in some way related to voting rights, but how it is related and the form it takes is entirely up to the Fellow to decide. Fellows will research, outline, draft, and ultimately complete their summer project with the guidance and feedback of a MassVOTE staffer. Upon completion, this project will then be posted to the MassVOTE website. Ideally, the Fellow will be able to use this project as a writing sample for academic and professional purposes.  

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Innovative mindset – it is encouraged that Fellows speak up on the issues they care about and projects they are interested in
  • Ability to handle multiple projects on tight deadlines
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong writing, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Interest in politics, policy, and/or community organizing
  • Fluency in another language, such as Spanish, is a plus, but by no means required

Massachusetts Historical Society

(Boston, MA) Filled for summer 2024

Founded in 1791, the Massachusetts Historical Society is an invaluable resource for American history, life, and culture. Its extraordinary collections tell the story of America through millions of rare and unique documents, artifacts, and irreplaceable national treasures. 

As the nation’s first historical society, the MHS strives to enhance the understanding of our nation’s past and its connection to the present, demonstrating that history is not just a series of events that happened to individuals long ago but is integral to the fabric of our daily lives. Its collections are accessible to anyone with an interest in American history. Beyond research, the MHS offers many ways for the public to enjoy its collections including engaging programs, thought-provoking exhibitions, publications, seminars, and teacher workshops. 

The MHS collections are particularly well-known for extensive holdings of personal papers from three presidents: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. The collections contain many famous documents including Paul Revere's own account of his famous ride and Abigail Adams’s famous "Remember the Ladies” letter to John Adams, where she advocates for the rights of women to be included in the founding of the United States. In addition, the MHS holds several imprints of the Declaration of Independence, and Thomas Jefferson's architectural drawings, among many other treasures. 

Job Title: Development Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

Job Description: The Lumpkin Summer Intern will work in the Development Department. 

  • Information Management: Work with a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system called Blackbaud Altru on data entry, integrity and cleanup.  
  • Communications: Develop web and social media content for development, including organizing photos for use in event follow-up and promotion, creating photo slideshows, and tagging donors for photo archiving. 
  • Administrative: Provide administrative support to the team, which involves tasks like scanning, filing, copying, maintaining records (both hard copy and virtual) and data entry. 
  • Non-profit Management: In addition to the responsibilities described above, the intern will attend occasional staff meetings and complete other tasks as assigned by her supervisor, the Assistant Director of Development under the direction of additional Development team members.  

We will also provide the opportunity for the intern to have tours and conversations with other departments at the MHS in order to gain a window into the world of non-profit operations as well as the specialized industry of a historic research archive and library. Tours could include the special collections, preservation lab, art and artifacts, education, publications, Adams Family Papers and public programs departments. 

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Students with interest in non-profit work and information systems or fundraising. Diverse candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication 
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel 
  • Familiarity with Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc. 
  • Data entry experience in a database strongly preferred 
  • Good sense of humor

The Forbes House Museum

(Milton, MA) Filled for summer 2024

The Forbes House Museum belonged to four generations of a family prominent in the 19th-century China Trade who were also generous philanthropists and avid collectors – a really interesting place with many stories to tell. The collection includes Chinese export porcelain, Asian art and artifacts, Victorian furnishings, and Lincoln and Civil War memorabilia. Through guided tours, visitors get an intimate look into the lives of a Boston Brahmin family, in many ways typical in their business and personal pursuits, and yet unique in their contributions to this developing country.

Built in 1833, the Greek Revival home has been a museum since 1964 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1966. The property comprises the house, barn and other 19th century buildings, on six acres of land with a beautiful view of Boston and its harbor.

Our mission: Inspired by the Forbes family legacy of entrepreneurship, social action and philanthropy, the museum fosters discourse around civic engagement and cultural awareness.

Job Title: Public Programs & Museum Education Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid or in-person as determined by the museum

Job Description: Our interns are exposed to the many aspects of operating an independent historic house museum. They have opportunities to assist museum staff in planning and leading educational and cultural programming throughout the summer, and in organizing collections materials and conducting research. They may also get involved in researching and submitting grant proposals.

Other responsibilities include creating educational content, marketing materials and social media posts, developing interactive activities and craft projects for children, occasionally leading group tours, and helping to identify possible program collaborators.

Our interns work directly with our executive director and the head of our Development and Marketing committee, as well as other museum staff and trustees, and attend relevant team and committee meetings. 

Located in Milton, MA, the museum is accessible via public transportation (MBTA Red Line).

Skills that you may learn and/or expand upon include: 

  • Developing project management and marketing skills in understanding requirements, identifying resources and creating timelines for completing various projects
  • Presenting/public speaking to small groups, engaging visitors of various interests, ages and backgrounds
  • Writing and adapting content with consistent messaging and branding 

Our property and varied collections provide unique opportunities for our interns to pursue interests in art history, American and world history, decorative and fine arts, and preservation architecture. Interns also can take advantage of online learning opportunities such as webcasts offered by the Mass Cultural Council, American Association for State and Local History and other member organizations.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good time management skills and ability to work independently
  • Proficiency with MS Word, Google Suite and basic desktop tools
  • Familiarity with Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Ability to work remotely, as needed
  • Basic research skills
  • Ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Design experience working with Canva or other platforms a plus



Use marketing and communications skills to promote health-related initiatives and support events. Join an immigration legal services team or learn how legal problem-solving strategies are used to advance health equity in society.

MLPB (Formerly known as Medical Legal Partnership | Boston)

(Boston, MA) Filled for summer 2024

MLPB believes in the power of justice to advance health.  We equip health and human services teams with problem-solving strategies that disrupt the evolution of a person's social, economic or environmental need into a legal — and health — crisis. Through robust training and technical assistance support, we help workforce partners understand their unique capacities to unlock access to a range of health-promoting benefits, services, and legal protections — for which many individuals, families, and populations are eligible.   

A person’s social, economic and environmental context matters for health. Health-related social needs (HRSN) — like poor housing conditions, energy insecurity, food insecurity, and interpersonal violence — can derail their care plan or worsen their health status. HRSN drive avoidable care utilization and related system costs, and perpetuate harmful health disparities. Effective organizational responses to people’s HRSN are critical to furthering health equity. MLPB provides doctors, social workers, and other human services professionals with legal advice and services to help ensure patients’ social needs are met.

Job Title: Non-Profit/Community Development Intern
Placements available: 2
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

Job Description: The MLPB intern participates in all aspects of the organization’s work. They will be exposed to the real-time development of legal care as a component of healthcare quality improvement and the emerging implementation of the Accountable Care model. The intern is expected to pitch in on tasks related to running a non-profit office without administrative support staff. Skills you will learn and/or expand upon may include:

  • Research and analysis: Conduct legal research and writing, policy analysis
  • Teaching: Develop training for health & human services staff 
  • Data Management: Perform data entry and analysis support for medical research studies involving social determinants of health and health disparities
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Participate in coalitions and public health Communities of Practice, and work on community lawyering projects to address health-harming inequities 
  • Administrative: Perform administrative tasks as needed. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • An interest in non-profit and community development work 
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • An interest in public health, equity, social justice, and/or legal services

Conservation Law Foundation

(Boston, MA)  Filled for summer 2024 

Conservation Law Foundation was founded and incorporated in 1966 as a non-profit, member-supported organization dedicated to protecting New England’s environment for the benefit of all people. CLF uses the law, science, and markets to create solutions that preserve New England’s natural resources, build healthy communities and sustain a vibrant economy. CLF serves to protect and promote the interests of its over 5,000 members throughout New England.

Job Title: Climate Change and Environmental Justice Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

A Lumpkin Program intern at CLF will have the opportunity to work on matters within CLF’s Clean Energy and Climate Change Program and Environmental Justice Program. This will include dealing with matters pertaining to New England’s transition to clean energy, such as gas and electric systems, energy procurement, ratepayer advocacy, and more. This is an excellent opportunity for Wellesley students considering law school.

Some basic understanding of energy & utility systems and environmental justice, is helpful but not necessary. Candidates must be committed to equity and diversity.


Provide communications, outreach, and operations support to organizations that help survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Boston Health Care for the Homeless

(Boston, MA) Filled for summer 2024

Since 1985, the mission of Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program has been to provide or assure access to the highest quality health care for all homeless individuals and families in the greater Boston area. This means:

  • Vulnerable patients are kept alive and get help managing chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer.
  • Dedicated clinical and non-clinical staff share their passion for a vibrant mission and support each other in bringing the mission alive.
  • Generous donors find a fulfilling way to respond to the feelings of helplessness that come with concern for those on the street.
  • Shelter partners benefit from BHCHP's medical expertise while focusing on their core mission, avoiding wasteful duplication of services.
  • Boston's many hospitals can depend on BHCHP as an alternative to the emergency room as well as a safe discharge location for medically vulnerable patients.

We believe a targeted, compassionate management of limited resources yields everyday successes and contributes to the ideals of a just society.

Job Title: Summer Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: In person

Job Description:

We seek a Summer Intern to work directly with our Respite Care and shelter based care teams to provide non-clinical care with an emphasis on Harm Reduction and Trauma Informed Care based services. You’ll work alongside doctors, nurses, Case Managers, Social Workers and more to provide care to a high need, medically complex population. You will do so amongst supportive colleagues invested in your success; we believe the better you do, the better we’ll do, and we’ll all be better able to serve our patients.

Hours are anticipated to be at least 30 per week, Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5pm. Some nights and weekends may be required, but you’ll be able to flex those hours during the work week.

Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates should be able to demonstrate:

  • Strong interest in social justice
  • Excellent communication & “people” skills
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Basic computer skills including Excel
  • Ability to be flexible in in a fast paced environment
  • Members of the LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities are encouraged to apply
  • Foreign language skills, particularly Spanish and/or Haitian Creole, are preferable but not required

Family Aid Boston

(Boston, MA) Accepting applications during spring cycle 2024

FamilyAid (FA) is Greater Boston’s leading provider of solutions to family homelessness. Its mission is to empower parents and caregivers facing homelessness to secure and sustain housing and build strong foundations for their children’s futures.

The hundred-plus year-old agency has launched bold new strategies to reduce two-generation homelessness by dramatically increasing its prevention, housing and supportive services for children and parents, putting the organization on a fast-growth trajectory.

To support these strategies, the agency seeks dynamic, driven student interns to provide high-quality case management services within the Community Based Services and Prevention programs.

FamilyAid’s supportive, collaborative, and diverse workplace is an ideal work environment for students who are excited to learn and are motivated to help children and families thrive.

Job TitleCase Management Intern
Placements available: 1
Eligible Class Year: Sophomores
Format: Hybrid

Depending on the final placement, the Student Intern Case Manager will either:

  • Provide supportive services to a caseload of families living in a shelter setting, as well as to families who have recently moved from shelter into permanent housing. This position prioritizes developing and implementing plans that assist families’ transition from shelter to permanent housing within guidelines established by program and contract holder Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC), and to support recently housed families in maintaining long term housing stability.


  • Provide housing search, placement and stabilization case management incorporating 2-generation services to precariously housed, doubled up and homeless families. The Intern will engage with families identified through several programs including those with Boston Public Schools, Boston Children’s Hospital and other partner organizations with three primary objectives: 1) ensure that families obtain or maintain permanent housing 2) ensure families’ connections to community-based services that promote self-sufficiency and 3) assess and enroll children in appropriate social and emotional (SEL) learning and development programs provided by the school system and other community-based programs.

As part of these objectives, the Intern will learn through observation, shadowing, and direct supervision how to conduct program intakes and enrollments, and assess needs for housing stability, support needed housing search and applications, employment, enhanced financial literacy, physical and behavioral health services, and children’s support services.


  • Mission-driven
  • Problem-solving 
  • Comfortable with uncertainty
  • Initiative and results-driven 
  • Cultural humility 
  • Workload and time management 
  • Organization and systems knowledge
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability 
  • Collaboration

Duties and Responsibilities:

Case Management

  • Assess families for strengths and needs, develops plan to best meet goals defined by family, staff, and EOHLC.
  • Maintain caseload of families participating in the shelter and stabilization programs.
  • Provide ongoing case management to promote eventual stability in permanent housing.
  • Adapt case management services to best meet the needs of each family, with a focus on the safety of all members of each family served.
  • Refers participants for external services as appropriate and maintain working relationships with providers to promote effective service delivery.
  • Conduct regular home visits, as required by client needs, program requirements, and/or contract guidelines to support family, monitor property for safety and upkeep, and implement plans.
  • Respond to family related crises and provides appropriate interventions as needed. 
  • Make every effort to remain flexible for time and location of case management meetings, to best serve the needs of families on caseload.
  • Work with families and housing specialists to ensure housing attainment and retention to meet program goals.
  • Assesses families for strengths and needs related to housing, employment, health financial literacy and children’s social emotional development.
  • Develops plan to best meet goals defined by family, staff, and partners.
  • Provides ongoing case management to promote families’ long-term stability in permanent housing and children’s long-term healthy development.
  • Refers and actively obtains enrollment of participants in critical community-based resources.


  • Develop plans for rehousing and program participation according to contract expectations.
  • Maintain clear, non-judgmental documentation in clients’ files. Completes data entry and other documentation on a timely basis that meets contract expectations.
  • Participate in weekly supervision, and professional development as determined in performance evaluations.
  • Develops and implements care plans, housing stability and SEL program participation.
  • Maintains clear and non-judgmental documentation in client file.
  • Completes data entry and other documentation on a timely basis.
  • Participates in weekly supervision, group/peer supervision, agency training programs, and professional development as assigned.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all client files and information.  


  • Using a team approach, coordinates the delivery of internal housing, employment, and child-focused services to each family.
  • Collaborates with external organizations such as Boston Public Schools, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Horizons for Homeless Children, health providers, other non-profits, and government agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of children.
  • Collaborate with external organizations such as the, EOHLC, Department of Children and Families, health providers, schools, and police departments to ensure the safety and well-being of children in our programs.


  • Possess strong core ethics, integrity, and accountability consistent with FamilyAid’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Work in a manner that is diplomatic, inclusive, transparent, communicative, open, and fair.
  • Work in sync with program leadership and staff to ensure shelter guest’s satisfaction and safety.
  • Opportunities for leading groups for client population if supervisor approves.


  • Highly desired:
    • Fluency in another language (Spanish or Haitian Creole)
    • Experience in housing, schools, and/or hospital settings
  • Proficient in written and verbal communication skills.
  • Exhibits humility through the learning process and can accept feedback.
  • Familiarity with evidence-based practices including Trauma-Informed Care, critical time intervention and motivational interviewing.
  • Ability to work in both office and field-based settings with a diverse, homeless population. 
  • Flexibility and compassion essential.  

FamilyAid’s vaccine policy requires all new employees and interns to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, including eligible booster doses, at the time of hire or start of internship.



  • Ava Wilcox '25, Forbes House Museum
  • Carolyn Hohl '25, MassVote 
  • Charlotte Adams '25, Forbes House Museum
  • Echo He '25, BlueHub Capital
  • Katherine Deane '25, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Meredith Swanson '25, Boston Health Care for the Homeless
  • Merete Ogah '25, EMPath
  • Sara Popkin '25, Mass Audubon's Boston Nature Center
  • Serenity Truth '25, MLPB
  • Sophia Travis '25, Massachusetts Historical Society
  • Youna (Ashley) Kang '25, YW Boston


  • Annika Mathias '24, MLPB
  • Beracah Lam '24, The Dimock Center
  • Bianca Lee '24, CitySprouts
  • Camille Lorie '24, BlueHub Capital
  • Corn Cook '24, St. Stephen's Youth Programs
  • Erin Legacki '24, EMPath
  • Julia Leslie '24, The Massachusetts Historical Society
  • Jyontika Kapoor '24, YW Boston
  • Kaya Crosby '24, MassVote
  • Lauren Park '23, Mass Audubon's Boston Nature Center


  • Avalon Swanson ‘23, Dennis Conservation Land Trust
  • Beatrice Chen ‘23, CitySprouts
  • Charoline Francois ‘23, The Massachusetts Historical Society
  • Catherine Wang ‘23, EMPath
  • Chloe Benson ‘23, YWBoston
  • Eliza Huefner ‘23, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
  • Eman Khatri ‘23, MLPB
  • Erin Olson ‘23, CitySprouts
  • Francesca Lameiro ‘23, St. Stephen’s Youth Programs
  • Kaitlyn Wang ‘23, The Dimrock Center
  • Karina Zimmerman ‘23, Dennis Conservation Land Trust
  • Lucia Ann Van Hanken ‘23, BlueHub Capital
  • Tasi Petra ‘23, MassVote
  • Valerie Tseng ‘23, MLPB


  • Ana Luisa McCullough '22, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
  • Anna Mervosh '22, MassVote
  • Caitrin Spottiswoode '22, MLPB
  • Chantal Valdivia '22, CitySprouts
  • Chelsea Chen '22, BlueHub Capital
  • Erin MacQueen '22, St. Stephen's Youth Programs
  • Lily Cuellarsola '22, The Massachusetts Historical Society
  • Margaret Bolan '22, Boston Health Care for the Homeless
  • Maria Zapata '22, YW Boston
  • Sara Khim '22, EMPath
  • Sydney Pierce '22, St. Stephen's Youth Programs


  • Aminah Praileau '21, Irish International Immigrant Center
  • Megan D'Alessandro '21, St. Stephen's Youth Programs
  • Phoebe Woodruff '21, EMPath
  • Sophie Dowdy '21, Boston Area Rape Crisis
  • Soren Kernan '21, The Dimock Center
  • Vanessa Delarca '21, YW Boston
  • Alexandra Gago '21, Renewal House
  • Caroline Witten '21, Blue Hub
  • Shreya Huilgol '21, Medical Legal Partnership


  • Camille Brunetti '20, Action for Boston Community Development, Boston, MA
  • Margarita Forbes '20, YMCA Boston, MA
  • Lyba Khan '20, Economic Mobility Pathways, Boston, MA
  • Rachel Korkodilos '20, The Dimock Center, Boston, MA
  • Claudia Lamprecht '20, Primary Care Progress, Boston, MA
  • Sharon Lu '20, St. Stephen's, Boston, MA
  • Maya Nuñez, '20, Irish International Immigration Center, Boston, MA
  • Sarah Nwafor '20, Renewal House, Boston, MA
  • Emmet Odegaard '20, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Boston, MA
  • Alexandra Stanford '20, Medical Legal Partnerships, Boston, MA
  • Christine Yi '20, Boston Community Capital, Boston, MA


  • Sianna D. Casey ‘19, Renewal House, Boston, MA
  • Catherine H. Gooding ‘19, Economic Mobility Pathways, Boston, MA
  • Hawah M. Kallon ‘19, Action for Boston Community Development, Boston, MA
  • Hayley A. Liebenow ‘19, The Dimock Center, Boston, MA
  • Rebecca T. Leu ‘19, Primary Care Progress, Cambridge, MA
  • Christina A. Okezie ‘19, St. Stephen's B-SAFE Program, Boston, MA
  • Julia P. Renfroe ‘19, Medical Legal Partnership, Boston, MA
  • Esa Tilija ‘19, Boston Community Capital, Boston, MA
  • Madeline R. Wood ‘19, Irish International Immigrant Center, Boston, MA
  • Michelle A. L. Yu ‘19, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Boston, MA
  • Sitara A. Zoberi ‘19, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Boston, MA


  • Mikayla E. Blinzler ’18, Renewal House, Roxbury, MA
  • Emily J. Boyk ’18, St. Stephen’s B-SAFE Summer Program, Boston, MA
  • Kelsey R. Campbell ’18, The Dimock Center, Roxbury, MA
  • Chetna Mahajan ’18, Economic Mobilities Pathway (EMPath, formerly Crittenton Women’s Union), Boston, MA
  • Leilani N. Stacy ’18, Boston Community Capital, Boston, MA
  • Sydney A. Stewart ’18, St. Francis House, Boston, MA
  • Zichun (Michelle) Wang ’18, Medical-Legal Partnership, Boston, MA
  • Katie J. Yan ’18, Action for Boston Community Development, Boston, MA