Getting Your Feet Wet: A Year-by-Year Guide to Consulting

Getting Your Feet Wet:

A Year-by-Year Guide to Consulting

Below is a compilation of resources for students with any level of interest in consulting. Whether you are just beginning to explore, or ready to dive into recruiting season as a senior, Career Education can help.

First Year: Exploring Opportunities

If you have initial questions about consulting, you might reach out to your Advisor for Career Exploration, (ACE) a professor during office hours, or explore alumni profiles on the Hive. 

  • about Consulting Career Ed page link
  • Orgs on campus

Second Year: Eye on Deadlines

In your second year at Wellesley, consulting firms will begin to recruit as early as fall semester.

  • Career Education and other online resources can provide you with practice interviews (link)
  • Keep company events on your calendar, be sure to sign up for the Career Ed newsletter

Third Year: 

In the summer after third year, you may return to prior experiences or look elsewhere for new opportunities. 

  • Aa
  • Bb
  • CC

Fourth Year:

If you have established a relationship with a company through internships, you may be offered a full time opportunity 

  • AA
  • BB
  • CC