Nisreen Abo-Sido ’18
Albright Fellow 2017

Nisreen Abo-Sido
Nisreen is a junior taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental science, with a focus on food sovereignty and a growing interest in agroecology.

During the summer of 2016, Nisreen worked alongside rural leaders from poor communities in Asia and Africa at the Asian Rural Institute (ARI).  At ARI, she practiced sustainable agricultural techniques and learned from grassroots leaders training to separate their communities from an environmentally and economically unsustainable reliance on synthetic chemicals.  Moreover, Nisreen continues to perform collaborative research exploring the potential to utilize battery waste to reduce the risk of lead exposure from urban soils.  You may also find Nisreen promoting the movement for global health equity, as the team coordinator of the Wellesley College chapter of Partners in Health (PIH) Engage, or teaching a spin class on campus.  Nisreen aims to continue to analyze global food systems and investigate viable ways to promote sustainable agriculture.