How International Organizations Can Direct the Conversation and Create Change Around Gender

Suzy George, Chief Operating Officer at ONE, Patricia Sulser, Lawyer and Independent Consultant, and Minh Thu Pham, Former Executive Director of Global Policy at the United Nations Foundation provide insights into the variety of ways in which organizations approach solving the problem of gender inequity.


  • Suzy George, Chief Operating Officer, ONE
    Suzy George is ONE’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) where she oversees finance, human resources, information technology, and global operations departments.
  • Patricia Sulser, Chief Counsel, International Finance Corporation
    Patricia Sulser is a Chief Counsel at International Finance Corporation, the private sector investment arm of the World Bank, where she has worked since 1992.
  • Minh-Thu Pham, Executive Director of Policy, United Nations Foundation
    Minh-Thu Pham is currently Executive Director for Policy at the United Nations Foundation, where she develops and leads strategic initiatives to to strengthen the UN’s ability to solve global problems, including on the Sustainable Development Goals, and brings together diplomats to help broker global agreements.