For Students

For Students

So you want to get Involved with the Botanic Gardens?   Here's 10 ways... just for starters!

From "plants are cool" to "I want to be with plants every day and learn it all!" for Wellesley students

1. At Orientation, explore the Botanic Gardens and learn about our oldest annual tradition, the New Student Plant Giveaway! Then come pick up your free plant at the WCBG Visitor Center during the first week of classes!  (Bonus: read our plant care tips and lovingly name your new plant pal).

2. Visit Global Flora for a nice relaxing break while you settle into campus, and get inspired by the diverse plants and student projects on display!  (Bonus: Learn how to reserve Global Flora for a class visit or org event!)

3. If you haven't already, subscribe to our botanical mailing list anytime! Get the latest from Botanistas, and campus environmental groups!

4. Follow us on social media, if that's your thing!
Instagram @wellesleybotanicgardens and @wellesleybotanistas or facebook

5. Attend any botanical event - hosted by the Botanistas, Paulson Initiative, or Frost Center for the Environment! Check our events calendar or just keep an eye out for spam. :)

6. Join the Botanistas! Become a regular at fun, biweekly general meetings ... then run for e-board!

7. Ready to join our team? Looking for a plant-centric student job? Apply to become a Botanic Gardens student assistant during the academic year!  First years are always encouraged and all experience levels welcome.

Hands-on horticulture is our bread and butter. We also have student work ranging as widely as creating GIS maps (like this harvest guide and this garden map), interactive sensor network displays, and developing exhibits and educational media on environmental justice, plants, and healing.

8. Now you're hooked on plants ... looking for courses or research opportunities?
Take a course or sign up for an Independent Study (individual or group)! There's something for every discipline - arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM all have meaningful intersections with plants!

9. It's time to get fully immersed - why not go all in and hone your horticultural skills during our most intense, summer growing season?  Apply for our Botanic Gardens Summer Internships - especially rising sophomores and juniors, but all class years are welcome to apply!  Watch the video above for a sneak preview!

10. You're ready to dedicate your life (or, maybe just one full year) to supporting the Botanic Gardens in some way.  Well, we have the fellowships for you!  Thorndike interns are student ambassadors who shape botanical programs for the community.  Morris Art Fellows create an interpretive art installation in Global Flora. Or, perhaps you have a research project you'd like to present at a conference, or a cool workshop you want to attend - apply to our Memorial Fund grant (scroll to end of page) to fund your plant-related exploration!


And so much more! Want to share your own ideas, start a collab, or ask a question? Contact us!