Driving for the College

Driving for the College

Driving may be an occasional, frequent, or daily part of a Wellesley College employee's work or a student's activities at the College. Drivers may drive exclusively on campus or they may be responsible to drive themselves and others a distance from campus for College business. Regardless of the frequency or distance of any trip, it is a requirement that every driver is authorized to drive College vehicles ahead of time and that each driver travels as safely as possible.

Click Here for the application to become an Approved Driver or request a renewal (after you submit the form you will receive an email with further instructions)

It is a privilege, not a right, to drive a vehicle for the College. Wellesley College requires that all persons who drive on behalf of the College or on College business be authorized, or approved. By requesting Approved Fleet Driver Status, each driver agrees to abide by the Wellesley College Vehicle Use Policy.

All Approved Fleet Drivers must meet the following qualifications:

  • Drivers must have a valid license issued from the US or US territories.
  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Drivers must have at least one year of driving experience.
  • Drivers must be a student or employee of Wellesley College or a Wellesley authorized volunteer.
  • Drivers must be Authorized (i.e., driving records must be verified; students must take required training)
  • Drivers will not be Authorized if they have:
    • Any Type A violations in past 3 years (These include: DUI / Reckless Driving / Negligent Homicide / Operating w/o a license / Hit & Run / Leaving the Scene / Use of vehicle in commission of a felony / Speed Contest / School Bus – not stopping) OR
    • More than two accidents or Type B violations (e.g. speeding, running a light or stop sign) or a combination of more than two accidents and Type B violations in the past 3 years

Approved Fleet Driver status does not immediately qualify any driver to drive a specialty fleet vehicle (>7 passengers or unregistered motor vehicle).

Qualifications must be verified by a review of the Driver's motor vehicle record. Student records will be re-verified annually. Employee records will be verified at the start of employment if the employee drives as a condition of employment or upon application for Authorized Fleet Driver status. Employee records will be re-verified upon the date the employee license expires. Driver qualifications may also be re-verified following an accident or moving violation.

All Approved Drivers should read the Vehicle Use Guidelines and be familiar its contents. Students must also take an on line training course on Vehicle Safety before they will be given Approved Fleet Driver status.

Anyone who drives unregistered motor vehicles in the course of Wellesley College business must be an Approved Fleet Driver. In addition, they must read the Unregistered Motorized Vehicle Safety Guidelines and view the related Unregistered Motor Vehicles PowerPoint presentation. 

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Vehicle Safety Guidelines

The Office of Risk Management and Compliance has collaborated with the College administration to provide Vehicle Use Guidelines for all vehicle use. This document serves as institutional guidelines on the use of all vehicles driven on college business. Information is included to promote driver safety.  

In addition to registered motor vehicles, the College may use unregistered motor vehicles, like golf carts or utility vehicles. The Unregistered Motorized Vehicle Safety Guidelines documents the approval process for drivers of these vehicles and outlines safety considerations. Unregistered motorized vehicles include golf carts and other 3 or 4-wheeled cart-type vehicles that are powered by electric or internal combustion engines.  

Questions about any of these documents should be directed to: riskmanagement@wellesley.edu