Form: Transfer of Credit

As soon as they have course syllabi, students must submit a Transfer of Credit Request for each study abroad course that they plan on taking. Wellesley will review the course selections to determine eligibility for transfer to the Wellesley degree and assign a transfer credit value to each course. Please allow sufficient time for review before the end of your program or university's drop-add period. Information on courses that may not be eligible for Wellesley credit can be found in the Study Abroad Handbook.

Not all courses that are approved for degree credit will be accepted for credit toward the major, minor or distribution requirements. It is the student's responsibility to seek approval from the relevant department chair or program director. Students must request approval by indicating in the Transfer Credit Request Form which degree requirement(s) they'd like the course to satisfy. Seniors may skip this step for major and minor courses if they are listed on their major or minor confirmation form.

Please review the transfer of credit requests documentation prior to submitting.