Wellesley College - Max

What is this software?

Max 8 is media software used in some Music courses; it runs on both Macs and Windows computers. 

Where to find this software

Max 8 is installed on some specialized classroom and lab computers.

For Fall 2020, Cycling '74 has granted students the ability to install Max 8 on your Mac or Windows computer for courses that require its use, due to the pandemic.

Installation Requirements

See the Max 8 requirements at their web site

Install Max 8

  1. Verify your computer meets the system requirements above
  2. Connect to the academicstore server using your Wellesley username and password
    (you may need to enter wellesley\username instead of just your username)
    1. on a Windows PC: use Start or Run, then type \\academicstore\software
      (Got an error? try instead of just academicstore)
    2. on a Mac, in the Finder's Go menu, Connect to server, smb://academicstore/software
      (Got an error? try instead of just academicstore)
  3. Open the folder containing the installer: students
  4. Drag the Max8Fall2020 folder to your computer's desktop
  5. Find the folder you dragged to your desktop and open the PDF, following its instructions to install Max 8 with the license file in that folder
  6. Once you have confirmed that Max 8 is working, delete the Max8Fall2020 folder from your desktop