Hebrew at Wellesley

Hebrew is a language that has been in active use for thousands of years, that has been spoken and written around the globe, and that has played a profound role in the development of human civilization.

Texts originally written in Hebrew are currently studied in many of the courses offered at Wellesley in programs and departments including Jewish Studies, Religion, Middle Eastern Studies, Peace and Justice Studies, Cinema and Media Studies, Comparative Literature, and English, among others. Anyone interested in the history of culture, religion, politics, technology, or linguistics can benefit from learning Hebrew.
During the 2023-2024 academic year, Wellesley students who wish to pursue the study of Hebrew language are encouraged to enroll at nearby Brandeis University, which has a robust Hebrew language program with courses at many different levels. Information on registering for Brandeis courses can be found here, and a list of courses being offered in Spring 2024 is here. If you need help finding the right course or registering at Brandeis, please contact your academic advisor or Professor Josh Lambert, the director of the Jewish Studies Program.
Wellesley's Hebrew language tutor is available to meet with students taking courses at Brandeis, or who are interested in working on other aspects of Hebrew. (This tutoring is provided at no cost to Wellesley students through the Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center). For more information or to schedule an appointment, please click here.
Wellesley students are also encouraged to study Hebrew in intensive summer programs, in-person or online. Many excellent programs can be found, including at Middlebury College, at Hebrew College, and at Tel Aviv University. Thanks to the support of alumnae and others, the Jewish Studies Program is often able to provide substantial financial support for students enrolling in such programs. Check the Summer Support page on the Jewish Studies Program website for more details.