Kenneth Hawes

Kenneth S. Hawes
(781) 283-3463
Faculty emeritus
B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University
Pendleton East 148

Kenneth S. Hawes

Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Education

Study of educational philosophy, policy, and practice, and the social sciences, humanities, and other studies relevant to them. 

Before graduate school, I was a middle school and high school teacher, most notably at Roxbury Latin School for five years.  At Wellesley, I teach courses for those preparing for or in their student teaching internships, and also various courses on educational philosophy, policy, and practice, and have administrative responsibility for state-approved teacher licensure.


One of the greatest challenges of the study of education is to integrate knowledge from highly respected practitioners with social science research findings.  Another challenge is to understand and articulate the aims and values that ought to guide education.  And as we try to integrate knowledge and aims, it is important to consider also how we can communicate effectively about education when we each have unique personal experience that has formed our outlook, not only as students but perhaps also as teachers.  And here we cannot worry only about communicating with people within the profession, for education is a constituent part of society, so we need also to communicate well with parents and other citizens.  Education touches all of our human values and assumptions, and it is a great challenge to deal with those values and assumptions in a publicly understandable way. 

You can see that in my view education is inherently interdisciplinary, connected to a wide range of social issues and fields of study and to how we live individually and as a society.

I am glad to talk with any Wellesley student or alum about being a teacher or about questions related to the study of education.

The courses I currently teach are:
Education 102/Writing 114  Education in Philosophical Perspective
Education 216  Education and Social Policy
Education 300  Teaching and Curriculum in Middle School and High School
Education 302-01 Seminar (secondary student teacher section)

I live with my family in the nearby town of Sudbury, in a house built in 1800.