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Korean Program at Wellesley

웰슬리 대학 한국어 프로그램을 소개합니다!


In 1988, Wellesley students asked: “Will Korean Language classes ever be taught at Wellesley?”
“Our effectiveness rests on the power of persuasion. We need to persuade outside contributors, the administration, and other students that supporting the establishment of Korean language classes is a worthwhile investment. To make this possible, however, we need your unwavering support and unquenchable enthusiasm.”
–Alice Kim’98, December 4, 1996 KASA Newsletter
In 2005, this question was finally answered with a resounding "yes." Since then, Wellesley offers a full four years of Korean language courses, in addition to various culture, seminar, and individual courses.

Korean majors


Why should you learn Korean? What can you do with Korean?

  • Korean is the sixteenth most widely spoken language in the world (spoken by 78 million people)
  • Master one of four critical languages, as designated by U.S. government
  • Conduct research on Korean economy, education, politics, literature, religion, etc.
  • Better understand culture and society, K-pop, K-dramas, the Korean wave, etc.
  • Coordinate programs for legislators in the National Assembly in Seoul or in the U.N.
  • Study abroad for a semester or a year in Seoul; In addition to academic courses, learn Korean hip-hop music, participate in Korean traditional dance and Samulnoli, discover Korean food, and maybe even attend a K-pop concert!

Questions? Please contact Professor Sun-Hee Lee at slee6@wellesley.edu