Major/Minor Requirements

Goals for the Major

  1. To ensure an understanding of the concepts, theories, knowledge, research methodologies and skills in Africana Studies from a multidisciplinary perspective, through a series of required, core, elective and experiential courses and a mandatory colloquium;
  2. To develop students’ ability to understand and communicate specialized and general knowledge in the field of Africana Studies that includes Africa and the African Diaspora in the US, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  3. To provide students with a representational and wide-ranging multidisciplinary education and an ability to apply knowledge to critical thinking that is also rational, analytical, creative, persuasive and linked to problem solving;
  4. To develop skills and abilities necessary to conduct high quality library and field research; apply innovative methodological tools and use modern technology for discovering information and interpreting investigative data;
  5. To synthesize and develop knowledge of Africana world issues through the "Africana Colloquium: The Common Intellectual Experience;"
  6. To provide students with an understanding of the discourses of the African Diaspora through a variety of disciplines;
  7. To develop skills that will be essential for a range of careers and leadership roles in an increasingly global and diverse world.

Requirements for the Major

The major in Africana Studies offers three tracks: Africa, the United States and the Caribbean. For graduation each student in the major must complete nine units from an approved list of courses. Of these at least six should be in Africana Studies, including two (or more) 300-level courses. To make up the nine units, if needed, up to three courses may be taken from related courses in other Wellesley departments. No more than two units will be accepted from other institutions. AFR 105 – Introduction to the Black Experience is required and should be taken by the end of the junior year.
Majors should take at least three courses in their chosen track in each of the areas of history, humanities and the social sciences, with at least two courses from the same discipline. All majors must attend the "Africana Studies Colloquium: The Common Experience." This colloquium is offered each semester.

The Minor

A minor in Africana Studies will consist of five units, including one 300 level course. AFR 105 is strongly recommended. (Students may be exempted from specific requirements by the Department.) Minors are strongly encouraged to take courses in at least two geographic areas (e.g., the United States and the Caribbean) and in two or more disciplines. Minors are also required to attend the "Africana Studies Colloquium: The Common Experience" and departmentally sponsored extracurricular lectures, especially those (required of majors) that focus on methodology.