STEM Research Opportunities

Through various research opportunities, STEM programs are actively serving students of diverse backgrounds at the College.

BioChem Boot Camp

Through the BioChem Boot Camp, students can participate in an intensive, immersive experience designed to help them develop laboratory skills in biochemistry. The program is aimed at first-year students who didn’t have much laboratory experience in high school and might otherwise be intimidated by lab courses. Participants will be mentored by graduate students from Harvard Medical School, and spend part of their Wintersession learning and doing hands-on research.


Computer Science Opportunities

The Computer Science Department is actively experimenting with and monitoring its teaching and tutoring practices in an effort to better serve students at the college who have historically not been fully included in STEM and Computer Science. Our efforts include peer mentorship programs, a student liaison specifically tasked with reaching out to underrepresented groups, and faculty office hours dedicated to hearing the concerns of our community.  Please view CS Opportunities here.


Paulson Water Challenge

The Paulson Water Challenge is a collaborative, interdisciplinary group engaging students in campus sustainability issues through apprenticeships, research, and courses. Supported by the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative, this is a collaboration among staff and faculty from a range of departments and subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Engineering Studies, Environmental Studies, Geosciences, Physics, Botanic Gardens and Facilities. We bring a wide range of perspectives together and provide opportunities for students from majors across the campus and undeclared students. If you are interested in applied research on sustainable water systems on campus this summer, see our “Paulson Water Challenge” project in the Summer Science Research Program here.


STEM Apprenticeship 

By enhancing programs such as first-year seminars, laboratory apprenticeships, and the Sophomore Early Research Program, Wellesley promotes the participation of underrepresented students in STEM with the aim of increasing the diversity of both STEM majors and non-majors.


Summer Research

Would you like to spend your summer doing scientific research at Wellesley? Would you like to be mentored by a faculty advisor? Every year, the Science Center offers Summer Research Awards to students looking to spend their summer doing scientific research at Wellesley.