The E2040 working group will help us keep our focus and maintain our momentum as we progress towards a sustainable campus.

On January 30, 2019, a new working group of the Board of Trustees, E2040, was launched to help the College move towards its sustainability goals. 

E2040 Charter

E2040 will be responsible for the work to explore and recommend specific paths for the College to meet its energy needs and achieve its broader sustainability goals while maintaining its educational mission, financial commitments, and other campus priorities.

E2040 will engage trustees, faculty, students and staff to create an Energy Master Plan for Wellesley’s electrical and heating infrastructure and campus energy usage, with the goal of reducing its electrical and heat consumption and transitioning its campus buildings and central boiler plant to renewable technologies in the future. 

  • The Energy Master Plan will include a pathway and commitment to carbon neutrality. 
  • The Energy Master Plan will assess the costs and benefits of various pathways in the context of the College’s overall financial commitments and campus needs, and recommend systems designed to optimize the use of the College’s capital resources.

E2040 will evaluate opportunities to partner with other colleges / universities, WMLP, and others regarding investments in off-campus scalable renewable electricity projects as part of a comprehensive plan to meet the College’s sustainability goals.

E2040 will recommend an on-going governance structure following development of an Energy Master Plan whereby the College will ensure it meets its long-term environmental goals with the best energy/financial value approaches through on-going analysis and reporting to the College as a whole.

E2040 near-term responsibilities include:

  • Developing an RFP and recommending an engineering firm to partner with the College on development of an Energy Master Plan;
  • Engaging faculty and students in the process of developing an Energy Master Plan, including working with the Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability, student government, and student organizations;
  • Evaluate opportunities for partnership regarding off-site renewables.

E2040 Members

  • Laura Daignault Gates, chair
  • Paula A. Johnson, president*
  • Anna Beyette ’21
  • Rose Carpenter, deputy chief investment officer
  • Dave Chakraborty, assistant vice president, facilities management and planning
  • Debora de Hoyos, chair of the Board of Trustees*
  • Claire Hayhow ’21
  • Amanda Hernandez ’18, trustee
  • Doug Hollett, trustee
  • Dan Brabander, chair of the Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability, Frost Professor in Environmental Science and professor of geosciences*
  • Patrick Lee, trustee
  • Kathryn Mackintosh ’03, WCAA executive director*
  • Robin McKnight, professor of economics
  • Piper Orton, vice president, finance and administration, and treasurer
  • Shreya Parjan ’21
  • Christopher T. Pasko, trustee
  • Jay Turner, professor of environmental studies

*ex officio