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Welcome! Stone Center Counseling Service

Stone Center Counseling Service

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm; closed holidays

Phone: (781)283-2839; or contact us at Counseling@wellesley.edu; Fax: (781)283-3769

Press 1 to speak to the Front Desk, or to speak with the Clinician of the Day (same day, urgent needs)

Press 2 to connect with Public Safety

Press 3 to leave a NON-URGENT message for the Stone Center 

URGENT SUPPORT:  is in effect 24/7, 365 days a year for students in the U.S. This service is intended for brief supportive counseling when students feel they cannot wait for a scheduled appointment, or it is after business hours and they really need to connect with a counselor.


Wellesley College values student mental health and wellbeing. The Stone Center offers a range of services to support student resilience and psychological growth. We offer time-limited services, typically 6-8 sessions, but varies with the needs of students. Students may also come and go as support is needed during their time at college.  For individuals seeking ongoing or weekly psychotherapy, we can arrange for a referral to a counselor or clinic in the Wellesley or Boston area or where you are residing.  We also recommend purchasing the College Insurance, University Health Plans, to assist with the cost of therapy by an off-campus provider.  There is no additional charge for our services, but medication is covered by a student’s medical insurance. 

Thinking about more active steps to take care of your mental health? You can find additional information about the following resources on our Useful Resources page.

Explore our Useful Resources, to see if there is a resource we have collected that could benefit you. We believe in a holistic view of mental health self-care. We recommend you take the WellN.E.S.St. screening to see if there is an area you could improve on, or check out the new Wellness Self-Reflection Tool.    You can also check out our Stress Management Techniques.  Ask a counselor about WILLOW, a self-help program developed at the Wellesley Centers for Women for preventing depression. Self-serve resources are an important service we offer students to begin to address a variety of concerns.

There are many ways to get help. WellTrack Boost is offered to Wellesley students as a free, interactive self-help app to support your mental health and well-being. Based on cognitive-behavioral approaches, the app focuses on three primary concerns: Anxiety, Stress and Depression.  

WellTrack Boost features:

  • Wellness assessments for depression, anxiety, and stress

  • Moodcheck feature to track your mood and better understand how your activities, social network, and environment affect how you feel

  • Educational videos

  • Tools and courses, including Activity Scheduler, Thought Diary, Fun Achievement, and the Zen Room.

You can take an anonymous Mental Health Online Screening, and explore whether counseling might be a good option. Take a screening and bring it to a counselor to talk over your results.

We offer outreach workshops and programs such as our popular, Coping with Procrastination, PAWS for Wellness, and Spring Into Wellness Fair. We collaborate with peer health educators on a variety of topics throughout the year, because we believe in the power of role modeling and social norming regarding self-care. Check out Groups and Workshops


Considering Counseling?

You may wish to read about the proces of counseling and therapy before deciding what is best for you, or to address the stigma of accessign these types of services.  You may find these resources helpful. 


First Person Narratives:




Navigating the Therapy Referral Process through Thriving Campus or other search:




Preparing for First Therapy appointment


Is a therapy or support group the right choice for me?

Group therapy and peer support groups are great for students to break through social isolation and get support from fellow students who understand. Do you want to experience a space where you can share your concerns and feel you are not alone with them? We typically offer groups each semester, depending on student interest.  Students make a commitment to attend and uphold one another’s privacy and confidentiality. Please reach out to the listed contact person if you have interest or questions about a particular group. Check out Groups and Workshops for up-to-date information.  Requests or questions about groups or workshops can be directed to Jan Park, Assistant Director of Group & Outreach Activities at jpark23@wellesley.edu.

If you have not completed intake forms for the current Academic Year, please visit the following Student Portal link here.

Individual Telemental Health and In person Appointments

In the first appointment, we will meet to determine a plan with you about how to best address your needs and goals.  We offer assistance for students who need help sorting out what is getting in the way of feeling and being their best, whether that is due to anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, an eating disorder or substance misuse problem, or other challenges they may be facing.

We work with students who are ready to understand themselves in a new way, develop personal insight, and make active changes in their lives in order to feel better. Sometimes this can happen quickly and sometimes longer-term help is needed.  Students will fill out intake paperwork prior to their first appointment and then update it each academic year of receiving services.

Whatever your needs, feel free to talk with one of us. We recommend you read our staff bios to see if anyone might seem like a good fit for you but know that we all have the expertise of listening to many student’s experiences over the years and have a wealth of knowledge to use in helping you.

During the regular academic year, to schedule your first appointment you have some options.  You can self-schedule on the student portal and fill out your intake paperwork there, or fill out our schedule form and staff will reach out to you if you do not see a good time on the portal.  Feel free to call our office as well.  

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please notify us via email, counseling@wellesley.edu or phone (781)283-2839, as soon as possible in order to allow other students an opportunity to meet with us.

Medication Appointments

For students who have been taking or need to consider taking prescription medication, we can work collaboratively with a prescriber, either on or off campus. When there is a wait to see a prescriber, please reach back to your home prescriber if you have one, for additional refills. New and returning students need to meet first with a counselor before scheduling with a Stone Center prescriber.  If you are a new or returning student on medication, please be prepared to share medication records and/or neuropsychological testing where applicable to streamline ease of continuing treatment.  If you have an off-campus therapist, a Psychiatry/Medication Referral Form and Consent Form will need to be completed and reviewed by our Psychiatrist prior to your appointment. Psychiatrists at times work closely with Health Services to assure that there are no medical causes for worsening mental health related symptoms. Thus signing a release to speak with health providers at Wellesley College may be requested early during the psychiatric/medication consultation process. Most students are in ongoing, regular therapy while taking a medication, either on or off campus. Medication management is coordinated with home and off-campus prescribers, to allow for treatment during breaks, over summer, and to make plans for study abroad.  See our Information Sheet Regarding ADHD and for extensive details, see our Psychiatry/Medication Information sheet.

Urgent Care and Emergencies
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing an urgent or crisis situation, please don't hesitate to call (781)283-2839, and follow the prompts.

  • Our after-hours' service ProtoCall is in effect 24/7, 365 days for students in the U.S.. Call our office at (781)283-2839 and Press 1 to access the on-call clinician. Our after-hours service works with the Stone Center to ensure continuity of care.

  • If you need to reach the Stone Center during business hours, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm, call (781)283-2839, Press 3 to leave a message, and our staff will get back to you. The Clinician-of-the-Day will arrange to be available to help with urgent concerns, consultation, or emergencies, in addition to their offering regularly scheduled appointments.

  • If counseling staff are unavailable in an emergency, Press 2, or call Public Safety at (781)283-5555. 

Referrals for Off Campus Providers

Our Student Care Coordinator and staff can assist you with a referral if you are seeking regular weekly appointments, or specialized treatment.  When students have been in long-term, psychotherapy, or have had prior intensive treatment, they may need an off-campus referral to meet that level of expectation or need.  Our Student Care Coordinator works closely with students when they are utilizing inpatient care and making plans for aftercare. If you prefer to look for yourself, check out these referral links.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our Student Care Coordinator, Sandra Acevedo please see below:

  • To schedule first-time appointments with our Student Care Coordinator, Sandra Acevedo - Click ***here to schedule.  *

  • To schedule ongoing/follow-up appointments with Sandra, please email  sacevedo@wellesley.edu.

Referrals for Neuropsychological Evaluation

Neuropsychological Testing:  Stone Center does not offer psychological testing services, but may be able to help answer questions about referral options, and provide referral resources.  Please find information regarding Referrals for Neuropsychological Evaluations here.  Students may also work with other offices such as Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR) or Health Services for a referral.  Our Metrowest External Referrals list can be found here.  See ADR for additional information on accommodations and services.


Study Abroad Resources


Studying abroad can be a very exciting experience! However, even during exciting times, transitions, adjustment to a new culture/language and homesickness, among others, can leave students struggling and in need of additional support. Because students are placed in a variety of settings all around the world, we encourage you to connect with the Office of International Study in order to receive guidance on site specific offerings for clinical support. 

Contact for the Office of International Study

Jennifer Thomas-Starck
Director of International Study
jthomass@wellesley.edu or ois@wellesley.edu
Schneider 216 & 217

To learn more about the site-specific resources. You may also reach out to the contact person for the specific Program site in the country you are studying and you can ask specifically what supports are available to support mental health needs in this country.

For a more comprehensive guide please click on the link to access Mental Health & Wellness Studying Abroad



Students studying abroad are now covered by the Travel Assist program through International SOS: https://www.wellesley.edu/ois/emergency_info. As long as the student arranges their appointment through ISOS (they can call or use the mobile app), there should be no out-of-pocket copay.

If you have the college’s Insurance:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MA PPO

BCBS for Healthcare (including behavioral health) outside of the United States can be accessed by going to www.bcbsglobalcore.com (using “XXP” as the pre-fix) or by calling 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) for a list of BlueCard, BlueCard PPO, and BlueCard Worldwide participating providers. Claims for non-emergency care (including therapy/outpatient behavioral health) would process as out-of-network benefits, the deductible of $250 will apply for out-of-network, after the deductible is met BCBS will reimburse the student directly 80% (first the student pays the provider out-of-pocket, receives a receipt/superbill, submits to BCBS for reimbursement, and will receive 80% of that minus the initial $250 to satisfy the deductible).

If you DO NOT have the college’s insurance:

If you do not have the College insurance, you can contact the member service number on the back of your insurance card and speak with a customer service representative about how to access mental health services while traveling.



If you are already connected with a therapist in the community, you can have a conversation with this therapist or prescriber about what they can do to support you during this time that you will be away. Some providers are willing to offer check-in's but may require out-of-pocket payment, instead of billing the insurance. You can inquire about a sliding-fee scale.




If you are not connected with anyone and are able/willing to pay out-of-pocket, there may be some providers that will see someone out of state or out of the country via telehealth as different providers may have more tolerance for risk. You can go to Thriving Campus to search for providers who are self-pay (leave the filter for insurance blank) and you can send messages directly to the providers explaining the out-of-the-country situation.




To start go to: https://www.betterhelp.com/better20/
Using this link will give you a 20% discount for the first month of service.